Episode 3 - the Hiragana Hostess

I’m delighted to announce that episode 3 of Japan Podshow is finally out – 36 hours late. A lot of it was recorded on a row boat on the pond in front of the Himonya Studio.

Click here to listen.

Whilst a hell of a lot of work, this was a really fun one to make, and I’m quite pleased with the end result considering how bad it was all looking at one point. I’ve had to cut a fair bit out – *Twinkle* had recorded a bit, and George and I talked a bit more twaddle. The Hiragana Times interview started out at 25 minutes and ended up as 2.

Make sure you stick around for the end where I’ve stuck in some out takes from the boat.

Please do send in your feedback, it would be much appreciated. If possible, please do so via the Japan Podshow site rather than here.

Thanks 🙂