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In the first in a short series of videos focusing on Akihabara, Steve Nagata (an Akiba Pro) shows Joseph a small shop specialising in cool little USB devices.

It’s in here that they come across the ultimate tools for spying on baddies – watches and ties with embedded video cameras!

Next time you go into a meeting with the enemy, make sure you’re prepared. With 4GBs of memory and absolute invisibility, you will never be left without evidence!

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The music in this video comes from Liquicity on YouTube. The ‘Akihabara’ voice is from a Yamanote Line train.

[Image: 56:365 by Practicalowl on Flickr]

3 Responses

  1. This isn’t addressed in the video, but I’m nearly certain that neither the watch nor the tie come with any sort of audio recording capability. That means that they’re useless for any sort of capturing of someone saying something incriminating. You can only use them for shots down women’s shirts or up their skirts, or catching your neighbor putting out his unsorted trash. :-p I’m guessing that the former are what they’d mostly get used for anyway, especially the watches.

    1. You and every other forward-thinking person might, but I wouldn’t. You know I object to cell phones in all of their tyrannical incarnations. πŸ˜‰