In our first video podcast collaboration, *Twinkle* and I take you to Yamaki Jouzo, an organic farm located about 2.5 hours from Tokyo in Kamikawa-cho, Saitama (accessible by train to JR Honjo and then bus) [Google Map].

This video was originally going to be a Japan Podshow episode, but in the end we were unable to get all the footage we needed.

It would be a waste to not use what we did get though – so here it is for Daily Mumblers.

Large version available on Facebook

4 Responses

  1. Kudos! Very interesting and informative. I think most people have no idea what goes into the making of soy sauce, miso, etc…

    And at last, Twinkle is revealed. She’s charming! And to my Yankee ears it sounds like she has a British accent 🙂

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