Photos of the solar eclipse taken on Mount Fuji

(This is a repost of what I’ve just posted on Japan Podshow but should interest Mumbler’s too!) Just a very brief update to bring you a couple of photos of the solar eclipse as seen from Mount Fuji. The full adventure story will be included in the next episode of Japan Podshow [iTunes] [RSS] – […]

Japan Podshow – Climbing Mount Fuji Pre-departure special

As you probably gathered from the title of this post, this is a re-post from the Japan Podshow blog. I’m now in the process of charging batteries, getting plasters together, and trying not to think about the torrential rain that is forecast! With us luck! In this special short (relaxed) episode of Japan Podshow (which […]

Boat trip around Tokyo bay and Gundam’s bum

If you follow other Japan blogs you’ll be only too aware that there is a life-size Gundam in Odaiba. It’s part of a ‘Green Festival’ in a lovely little park on one of the manmade islands down there. A green park that is now packed with people – and somewhat brown. One way to see […]

Tokyo Photo Run: Setagaya

This morning I did my second random photo-run, this time heading north of home. As with my last run, I stopped along the way to take photos – many at a Buddhist shrine. You can view this trip in 3D, with embedded photos, by opening this file in Google Earth. This is very cool! Photo […]

Running again

Got off to a great start today, up at 6am and out on the road. For my early morning runs I’ve decided to just run wherever I want, without planning beforehand, and try and go places I’ve never been before. With the compass-enabled Google map on my iPhone it’s pretty difficult to get lost now. […]

Sorry, sex toys, Fuji, fingers, and good habits

Photo: The pigeon which is a frequent visitor to my bird feeders A big SORRY …to all of those of you who are subscribed to my rss feed … and just got spammed by a duck pond. I don’t know what’s happened there, but I’m working on fixing it. You might want to try resubscribing […]

Conquering Mt. Fuji to view the Solar Eclipse – Intro Video

On the evening of the 21st July, I and several of my intrepid friends will set out on a gruelling trek up the vast slopes of Mt. Fuji, the legendary volcano that gave birth to the first Samurai. Once at the top, we will witness the sun rise, and then, 5 hours later in a […]

The living onigiri

_onigiri_joseph552 Originally uploaded by Joseph Tame Joseph the riceball. I’m just using this picture to test Flickr’s ability to publish direct to my blog.

Metropolis Podcast Akiba Update – Week 4

In the fourth of my Akiba updates for Metropolis Magazine‘s Podcast, the Metpod I talked about the new augmented reality phone application from AU (via I also talked about the mini-eggshell cracker Walter and flexible transistors courtesy of DigInfoNews on Youtube. Subscribe to The Daily Mumble podcast in iTunes here.

Metropolis Podcast Akiba Update – Week 3

In the third of my Akiba updates for Metropolis Magazine‘s Podcast, the Metpod I talked about the new W-Series walkman from Sony. I also talked about the incredible Pomegranate phone/camera/pda/coffee maker/shaver. Subscribe in iTunes here.

Metropolis Podcast Akiba Update – Week 2

In the second of my Akiba updates for Metropolis Magazine‘s Podcast, the Metpod I featured an extract from my interview with Patrick Galbraith (author of the Otaku Encyclopedia) that featured on Japan Podshow episode 6. I also talked about the new iPhone 3G 3.0 software (when I wasn’t planning on upgrading to the 3GS!) Subscribe […]

Metropolis Podcast Akiba Update – Week 1

I remembered tonight that I’d registered The Daily Mumble in iTunes – meaning it easier to subscribe to it as a podcast. It’s an experiment. As you know, I’m doing weekly technology / Akiba sections for the Metropolis Magazine Podcast – the Metpod, but I know that some people are not big fans of podcasts […]

Japan Podshow Episode 7 – Wwoof Wwoof! The iPhone Giveaway

This is a re-post originally published on Episode 7 sees the launch of the Japan Podshow iPhone 3G competition – win yourself an iPhone and feel that your life is complete. More on that below. Listen to the show here 40mb, 43 mins, MP3 Download it direct here, Subscribe and listen in iTunes or […]