If you follow other Japan blogs you’ll be only too aware that there is a life-size Gundam in Odaiba. It’s part of a ‘Green Festival’ in a lovely little park on one of the manmade islands down there. A green park that is now packed with people – and somewhat brown.

One way to see Gundam that enables you to avoid the crowds is to join your friends on a birthday boat trip organised by and in celebration of Stu.

That way, you get to eat, drink, be merry, and see a side of Gundam that most people will only be able to take in up close.

Incidentally, taking a boat trip around Tokyo Bay is a lovely way to spend a summer evening, and I thoroughly recommend it. The boat we went on was a very special one, taking us wherever we wanted – and even allowing the birthday boy to spin us around in circles! You can hire a boat for 70,000 yen. Thank you Stu for a wonderful time!

Here’s some photos and videos, in a special order designed to stimulate your mind.

Intro video

Gundam from behind
Gundam from the Water

Gundam from the Water

Gundam by night

Video: Gundam from the boat

Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge

Night lights (illuminated sign and residential flats)
Night lights from the boat

People working at the container port wave to us as we sail by

The container port from afar


One of my favourites from the evening
Odaiba reflections

The Fuji TV building
Fuji TV

Stu, whose birthday it was

Don’t know him


and for Gundam freaks, here he is up close… (for the best photos, see these taken by Shibuya246)