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Japan Podshow Episode 7 - wwoof wwoof the iPhone GIveaway

Episode 7 sees the launch of the Japan Podshow iPhone 3G competition – win yourself an iPhone and feel that your life is complete. More on that below.

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Note about the Japan Podshow livestream on uStream: In this episode Joseph and George make numerous references to live-streaming. Unfortunately, due to technical issues this video is not available. However, we did film the competition section on a second camera, and those videos are available on our Facebook Page.

In this episode:

Japanese weddings:

We kick of with some news from George about a wedding that he attended last week – an extraordinarily extravagent affair which at the end of the day saw him being given a catalogue of expensive gifts from which he was to choose a present – for himself!


Wwoof Japan

As the title of this week’s episode suggests, we’re going to be taking a look at Wwoofing.

It was almost a decade ago that Joseph first joinded WWOOF Japan – Willing Workers on Organic Farms In this episode Joseph talks to Glenn in Sapporo – founder of Wwoof Japan.

Members of this fantastic organisation are able to stay with any of hundreds of families across Japan who are engaged in organic farming, or who otherwise have organic lifestyles/businesses. Wwoofing is not only a great way to travel a country over an extended period of time on a small budget, but is also a fantastic way to see more than the shiney-touristy surface that is promoted in the guide books. You get to learn about the culture, learn the language, make friends and a create a wealth of precious memories. Thoroughly recommended!

What brought George and Joseph to Japan?

Following listener requests, George and Joseph decide to reveal a little information about their dark pasts. This week Joseph tells us what path it was that led him to Japan.

Week 6 Otaku Encyclopedia Competition results!

We announce the winner of the Otaku Encyclopedia competition – our most-entered competition to date! Following accusations of competition-rigging, Joseph and George decide to film the drawing of the winner from the hat of doom

Win an iPhone with Japan Podshow


Yes, you can win an iPhone 3G with Japan Podshow – and it’s easy to enter! Just listen to this episode for further instructions!

The photo we talk about in this epsisode is here

Terms and conditions below.

Listener Feedback!

WOW! We had a tonne of feedback this week – thanks to everyone who contacted us – listen to the show for our comments on what you had to say.

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Finally: music this week is provided by Her Space Holiday, with the Japanese Gum Dental Mix. Find them at

Thanks for listening – and we look forward to hearing from you!

iPhone competition info:

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can enter by leaving a comment on this post – just tell us why YOU should win the iPhone 3G.

The iPhone being given away is a 16GB black iPhone 3G. It is contract free, and will work on the Softbank network in Japan. It may work on networks in other countries but we are unable to guarantee this.

The iPhone will come with new headphones, USB cable, mains adapter and box.

If the winner wishes to use this as a phone in Japan they will need to sign up with Softbank. They will not need a 2-year contract, thus this competition is ideally suited to students who will not be in Japan for more than a year or so.

What will it cost to use it:

Softbank will charge a one-off 2835 yen registration fee. The following are then payable on a monthly basis:

– White Plan (980 yen)
– S Basic (350 yen)
– Data plan (unlimited plan is recommended at 5985 yen)

You will need the following at the time of registration:
– Alien registration
– Passport
– Japanese bank account or credit card