Got off to a great start today, up at 6am and out on the road.

For my early morning runs I’ve decided to just run wherever I want, without planning beforehand, and try and go places I’ve never been before. With the compass-enabled Google map on my iPhone it’s pretty difficult to get lost now. Mind you, if it packed up on me, I’d be stuffed.

I’m using the GPS route tracker Everytrail to document my trips. I’ll be using that to document our Mt. Fuji climb too.

The video below was also shot by the iPhone. Not exactly riveting stuff, but the first 10 seconds should give you a feel for what happens in many parks around Tokyo ever morning.


Setagaya mini-exploration

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Tokyu toyoko line training run

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  1. šŸ™‚ There’s something very cute about elderly Japanese people… funny how they are all a lined up in a precise, equal distance from each other… they’re so disciplined from cradle to grave. You should have joined in, Joseph!