Another World: Krakor, the Cambodian Floating Village

You may remember back in April I attended a charity gala event at the Tokyo Hilton in aid of Hope Japan, a non-governmental aid agency that works to provide safe drinking water to families in third world countries. At the time I said Whilst geekery is fun, sometimes I do wonder what the point to […]

Another week in the life of Joseph Tame

Yes indeed. The world’s first Moled space flight. Captured on the Hibiya subway line. So, it’s been a pretty full-on week this week. The day job has been hectic as we’ve had a lot of new contracts starting, and I’ll be out of the office most of next week teaching at a major electronics manufacturer. […]

Japan Podshow Episode 9: Promo video

Whew. Did it. Here’s a little promo video using some random footage from the day we recorded it: The editing process has been quite epic in it’s dramaticness. But overall, making this has been a lot of fun. Remember – it aint over till the fat rooster calls. Although in this episode I cut off […]

Shinjuku’s Cocoon building, and speaking Japanese

This is my favourite building in Tokyo at the moment. It’s the IMode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, winner of the prestigious ‘Skyscraper of the Year Award 2008’. I wonder if it attended the awards ceremony or just sent a video message explaining it was a bit tied up that night. On Saturday George and I recorded […]

There’s bean some progress

I’ve been enjoying drawing lately. It started out when I tried to create some original art to illustrate episodes of Japan Podshow. As the series has progressed so I’ve spent a little more time on the pictures. It was inevitable in a way that I would find myself drawing elephants again – something I’ve done […]

Uchimizu in Akiba and Eclipse-climb summary

I’m reposting my last two contributions for the Metpod, as I know most mumblers don’t listen to it what with it being made for people living in Tokyo and all. We’ll start with my most recent contribution, talking about the Uchimizu performance that went on last weekend in Akiba (to play it without leaving this […]

The making of: Behind the Curtain at the Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo

So finally, today, we released our Cirque du Soleil video special, filmed a few weeks back at their theatre here in Tokyo. Filming was a lot of fun. Being taken backstage and hearing the stories behind the show was a real treat, as was trying on the costumes and trying out our own routine of […]

Tokyo Photo-Jog: early morning Meguro and Setagaya

I was up at 6am again today. After checking my emails, Twitter and Facebook, I spent about 4 minutes searching for the shorts that I was already wearing, then headed out onto the streets of Tokyo. I remember someone in an interview being asked what part of Tokyo was their favourite. Their answer: “That early […]

Pen and Pencil

It’s just before 7am on a Saturday. I’ve been woken up by my internal body clock, which is currently collaborating with the army of cicadas that live all around us to ensure that I’m up early every morning. It’s been a bit of a tough week. Whilst my holiday preparation at work prior to my […]