Just Focus on the Penguin

Just Focus on the Penguin, originally uploaded by Joseph Tame. Taken when pepe visited the world’s largest freshwater lake, Baikal

Ritz-Carlton Tokyo project: Suta-to!

Today was a very good day. It started off as most Monday’s do – volunteer work at city hall. I went extra early today, in order to finish early and meet George an hour before our lunchtime appointment at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo re. Japan Podshow – George and I deserve a break at the end […]

Namaste India Festival 2009, Yoyogi Park Tokyo

After listening to Alex Brooke’s podcast recorded during Day 1 of the Namaste Indian festival 2009 in Yoyogi Park, I decided to head on down there for day 2. Here’s a short video of some of the dances, and a few shots I took of the dancing on stage. Apologies for the movement of the […]

The perils of being a techaholic

I’m at the most dangerous shop in Tokyo – Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. Why is it so dangerous? Well, it’s one of Japan’s biggest electronic’s stores, and once you enter through it’s sliding doors you will be bombarded by so many sexy gadgets that it will be impossible to resist buying something, and before you […]

Out all hours

Out all hours, originally uploaded by Joseph Tame. A couple of days back Danny blogged about leaving bags on chairs in restaurants to save a table whilst going to order. That reminded me of the practice of local plant shops, where they leave half of their stock outside every night, just protected by a net. […]

Peace One Day

This is the most incredible story. It is the story of how one man has achieved something absolutely remarkable. It is a story that proves that if you have a good idea, believe in it strongly enough, refuse to listen to the sceptics, and put in massive effort, you can change the world. Meet documentary […]


To describe this photo, here’s the text from my post for Dannychoo.com uploaded earlier today: *Twinkle* and I are having a lazy day today, the fourth day of the Silver Week holiday. We’ve come out to Jiyugaoka, just a couple of stops down the line from our station, and 10 mins from Shibuya on the […]

The Grand Sumo Tournament

Today, myself and a couple of friends from Sheffield Uni +1, headed on down to the Grand Sumo Hall in Ryougoku, on the JR Sobu line just east of Akihabara.It’s day 9 of one of the six annual Grand Sumo Tournaments held throughout Japan. It’s the first time I’ve been to see a sumo tournament. […]

Ye ancienty house

Ye ancienty house, originally uploaded by Joseph Tame. This is a test post – we’re seeing if Flickr can publish straight to my blog, The Daily Mumble. [Edit] And the result? It can. I just email my photo and description to Flickr (from my iPhone when out and about), which then in turn posts it […]

Tokyo live blogging on dannychoo.com

Wow, what a week! It’s been pretty crazy, with, until yesterday morning, virtually no downtime and little sleep. I tell you, if you ever think of making a podcast, make sure you have lots of marmite in the house or vitamin B supplements! But before I talk about that (or the elephant wearing the iPod, […]

Audioboo – a fun-packed day in Tokyo

Been a great day today. You can hear all about it in the Audioboo embedded below, but I just wanted to share this photo, taken whilst I was interviewing our special guest musician on Japan Podshow earlier today, Nobuki Ueda. I’m a lot less stressed now. Not entirely sure why, but one reason might be […]

The lack of good grammar in speech

Thanks to years of mind-bending grammar study, many Japanese students of English have pretty good grammar knowledge. Well, perhaps that’s not quite correct. Perhaps I should say that many Japanese students of English can only understand things if you explain it to them in (Japanese) grammatical terms (“Verb + noun” etc). One thing I often […]

Fading summer

One thing that’s concerned me of late is my general stress levels. It’s an interesting kind of stress though – a kind that doesn’t really stress me out, that is, I don’t have a general feeling of ‘being stressed’. Thinking on why this might be, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because it tends […]

An interview and a Brain Machine

Whew… very long day today. Still, very productive. Had a great meeting with Kong of the Metpod, talking about where it could go from here. Interesting ideas for collaboration once japanpodshow is done. Look out for changes in the autumn. Also published not one but TWO podcasts tonight – the first is an audio interview […]

Video: Koenji Awaodori 2009

Hello! been a great day today. Very productive. Voluntary work this morning at the city hall, editing a video I shot yesterday at Tokyo Hacker Space this afternoon, then edited almost an entire episode of Making it in Japan on the Hibiya subway line before meeting Christine and Steve (both of whom have appeared in […]

Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity

Yikes. 1.34am again. It was yesterday too. I’ve been wanting to write for a few days now, but, well, it’s not going to happen, I mean, not in the way that i would like. So rather than it not happen at all it’ll happen like this. It’s turned out that Pepe (pictured above) is heavily […]