Media Tectonics WordPress Website Workshop – Sun 6th December

On Sunday December 6th from 2pm to 5pm I’ll be running a WordPress workshop for complete novices “From idea to online in three hours”. It’s aimed at those who have no prior experience of creating or maintaining a website. It’s being organised as a part of a series of workshops by Media Tectonics (Cindy Mullins […]

New personal distance record: South Tokyo half-marathon

Tom and I continued our training for the Tokyo Marathon 2010 this morning with our longest run yet – 22.5km around the south of Tokyo. It was great fun, as we weren’t following any prescribed route, rather, just left Naka-Meguro at 7.30am and headed in the general direction of Rainbow Bridge, taking any road which […]

Like father Like son

Some people wonder where I get the inspiration from to dress up as a woman… Meet my father a.k.a. ‘Honey Bun’. This was his costume for a recent charity fundraiser he took part in!

A Lesson from you: Everything will work out for the best

My recent discovery of a forgotten email account attached to this website has given me the opportunity to travel through time through the lives of visitors to my website. I’ve recorded a brief personal podcast to share the story with you. You can listen below or direct on AudioBoo. Most respondents have been very forgiving. […]

Autumn in Himonya Park

A few photos I’ve just taken in the park outside the house. Despite it being Autumn, this is actually Sakura (cherry blosssom). The tree is called ‘October Sakura’, and it flowers twice a year (as explained on the sign below) Hometime And, complete change of subject: I wrote this is the air by waving my […]

1 week until a change of occupation

Howdy punks. I headed on down to the Make: Tokyo Meeting 04 yesterday, held at Tokyo Institute of Technology. It’s a kind of interactive DIY tech fare. I shot a short video (embedded below) – and wrote a little more about it (with links) over at The frog above was one of a collection […]

My new job

[This entry was first published briefly 1 week ago. I chose to take it down for personal reasons, but can now put it back up] Let’s have a picture of the moon as seen from our balcony – pre-water discovery. So, as I mentioned in a post a few days back, I’m moving on from […]

The making of Japan Podshow

Hello there. Joseph here. In a cafe in Shibuya, opposite Sakuraya and that bright pink real estate agent on Center-gai. I have an hour to spare before meeting *Twinkle*, so thought I’d pen a few notes on all the stuff that’s been going on. In this blog I’ll be talking about podcasting. First off then, […]

Big changes part 1

Hello. It’s been a while. With so much going on I’ve not been able to devote any time to blogging round here of late, although I am posting fairly regular audio diaries now in my podcast feed – you can listen to it without leaving the Mumble just by clicking on the play buttons in […]