A few photos I’ve just taken in the park outside the house.

Despite it being Autumn, this is actually Sakura (cherry blosssom). The tree is called ‘October Sakura’, and it flowers twice a year (as explained on the sign below)
autumn in himonya park_6579

autumn in himonya park_6580

autumn in himonya park_6572

autumn in himonya park_6594

autumn in himonya park_6593


autumn in himonya park_6596

And, complete change of subject: I wrote this is the air by waving my iPhone around whilst using an app called Led Messages. 13 second exposure. It’s supposed to say ‘Tame Goes Wild’!



2 Responses

  1. Nice pictures!

    I was intrigued when I saw these “October Sakura” in Osaka last month, (as mentioned here). I had never heard of these before.
    Do you know whether they are specific to Japan?