Thoughts on this and that

Thoughts on: Christmas Cards It’s a little late, but I have a card for all you Mumblers! Home-made elephant don’t you know! Thoughts on: Twitter Is is just me, or has Twitter use by English speakers in Japan peaked? I get the feeling we’ve seen a drop off in updates this past month. I know […]

Sitting in Cafes and watching DVDs in bed

What on earth is happening to the Tame Gone Wild? You know what he did yesterday? He got up late (it was a Saturday), then he went to a spa and soaked in an outdoor pool. Then he said in a comfy chair for a whole HOUR doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! except looking down at the […]

Japanese Maples

Nature never ceases to amaze. Autumn may come every year, but every year I can be found in a hypnotic daze staring at the beauty that it brings.

The end of the Livestreaming in Beta era – Marathon update

(Momiji montage created by the iPhone) The release of the uStream live video broadcasting app for the iPhone (followed by Qik’s own version for non-jailbroken phones) has me me to rethink my plans for the Tokyo marathon 2010, as Mumbled about here. The thing is, now that everyone has the ability to stream live video […]

The line between work and personal life in an online world

The more involved I get with my work over at White Rabbit Press, the more I find myself wondering where the line should be drawn between my online-work and my (non-work) online-life. Being responsible for marketing means that of course, I’m doing a lot online for the company. My goal is to spread the word […]

Quick update

I like this video. Life has changed a fair bit since I last posted. As many of you know, the change revolves around my work-life – I’ve left The Japanese Company and joined White Rabbit Press. It’s a joy to work for a company that operates based on common sense and trust, a company that […]