Japanese Maples
(Momiji montage created by the iPhone)

The release of the uStream live video broadcasting app for the iPhone (followed by Qik’s own version for non-jailbroken phones) has me me to rethink my plans for the Tokyo marathon 2010, as Mumbled about here. The thing is, now that everyone has the ability to stream live video from their iPhone (as opposed to those willing to jailbreak their iPhones and possibly violate the terms of their phone contracts, live streaming is not so newsworthy. Merely live streaming the marathon would not be all that interesting (much like the vast majority of stuff on uStream). Really, we need a crew to co-ordinate multiple feeds and filter the live feedback from our audience, to run with us at certain points to hear how we’re getting on etc… Having run a half marathon a couple of weeks back I feel that this would all be a bit much on the day itself for the runners involved, who would just be trying to reach the finish line.

I’m thinking that I did it once, and maybe that once was enough. I don’t have the means to do it again in a significantly better way, so it’s perhaps best I don’t do it at all.

That doesn’t mean no live streaming. I can switch the stream on at any time and do a quick broadcast, alerting people via Twitter and Facebook. I imagine people would quite enjoy a few updates along the way – it is a pretty spectacular event.

I’m also feeling less inclined to spend time doing these things that don’t necessarily contribute to wider goals. I think this is partly a result of my new job, in which I need to consider the net benefit of my actions. My recent reduction in Tweets could be thought of a side-effect of this mentality, as is my new reluctance to get involved in other people’s projects.

It’s also a result of having had the immense frustration of a dull day job taken away at the end of November – I tell you, without that driving me on I would NEVER have played Susan Boyle, live-streamed the marathon, starting podcasting or started making videos… crap jobs really are a blessing! I mean, look at me now, I’m content to simply relax at weekends! What an idle layabout! I went to a party last night and I’m going to another today! Unbelievable!

From the futon, this is Joseph signing off.