Rodger Swan

It was with shock and sadness that tonight I heard that Rodger Swan had passed away. Whilst I had never met Rodger, like many of those who followed his life in Japan through his videos, I was very fond of him. It was impossible to not like the guy (read more by a close friend […]

3 weeks of my life in Twitter Speak

Howdy punks. So, it’s been about three weeks since my last update here – shocking how cavalier I am towards my blogging responsibilities. Mind you, in that time I have posted 3 Audioboos, done a fair bit of livestreaming for myself and now for Metropolis Magazine, taken a tonne of photos with Danny Choo on […]

Ten years of life in 2000 words

Hello 2010. Hello new decade!* Looking back at my 2000s, I’m very happy with what I accomplished. In a way, the millennium celebrations don’t seem all that long ago, but then, if I think of where I was and what I was doing, and how young I was in 2000 (22/23), it seems like another […]