Howdy punks.

So, it’s been about three weeks since my last update here – shocking how cavalier I am towards my blogging responsibilities.

Mind you, in that time I have posted 3 Audioboos, done a fair bit of livestreaming for myself and now for Metropolis Magazine, taken a tonne of photos with Danny Choo on Coming of Age Day & around Shibuya (now viewed almost 300,000 times), and have sent 240 tweets.

I’m also extremely busy in my new job at the moment, as we’re just launching our new Audio walking tour of Akihabara – I’ll be blogging about that soon.

Marathon training is going ok, although I’m behind. Today we ran the furthest we’ve ever run – 29km – and did so in pretty good time. Map and stats.

*Twinkle*s doing great – recovered from when she was taken to hospital with stomach pain, as mentioned in tweets above.

Bulbs are poking up out of the soil.

Anyway, here’s a selection of those tweets in reverse chronological order, starting with those sent today (basically all tweets since Jan 1st excluding @ replies). Gives a good overview of what else I’ve been up to. Sorry the links aren’t linked.

Snapshots like this make a good record for me though when I come to write the book and shoot the film.

# 1km to goal. Please prepare wheelchair about 3 hours ago from mobile web

# Every step is a personal distance record now! about 3 hours ago from mobile web

# Have run 25kn. 2.5hrs ish. iPhone died. iPod touch now tracking, playing abba! about 3 hours ago from mobile web

# Stretching for The Longest Run Yet. Shinagawa > Asakusa > Ginza > Tokyo Big Site. 29km. Please shout ‘Ganbatte’ if you see us about 7 hours ago

# Time for bed. Have to run for over 3 hours tomorrow morning. Will also use the opportunity to test viability of continuous live streaming. about 14 hours ago

# The most epic commercial for a shoe shop you will EVER see (via @asiajin) about 21 hours ago

# This week’s MacBreak Weekly is one big iTablet fest. End of the road for Kindle? 8:27 PM Jan 22nd

# Have found a way to have twitter messages read to me whilst running & livestreaming the Tokyo Marathon – will have live gps tracking too 7:04 PM Jan 22nd

# Tomorrow we’ll run 29km for #TokyoMarathon2010 training, furthest ever run. Google Earth map of the actual route here 6:28 PM Jan 22nd

# I mean, come on, paper maps in police boxes? That’s so Edo era! 6:56 AM Jan 22nd

# If anyone needs the Apple Tablet it’s Japan’s policemen, for Google maps. Could send the link to your keitai too. 6:55 AM Jan 22nd

# Thanks to all who watched our live stream tonight, great stuff! 5:53 AM Jan 22nd

# New York Minute back on stage. Live video streaming from Shibuya now at 4:19 AM Jan 22nd

# Broadcasting live now via 3G: The New York Minute – in concert in Shibuya 2:55 AM Jan 22nd

# Sound check for tonight’s live broadcast from Tokyo Main Dining – Shibuya (Broadcasting live at 12:44 AM Jan 22nd from Ustream

# It’s just under 5,000 yen per month for unlimited usage. Can provide wifi from 3G network for multiple devices. And it looks cute ‘n sexy 9:06 AM Jan 21st

# Very impressed by the emobile 3G>Wifi D25HW. “It just works’. Makes me feel like I’m living in the future again 9:05 AM Jan 21st

# Will be live-streaming video from a special live music / live art event in Shibuya Fri night 8pm JST – in aid of Haiti relief fund 8:54 AM Jan 21st

# I feel like such a sadist inserting toothpicks into avocado stones. “I’m trying to help you sprout!” – but they just give me that look 3:50 PM Jan 20th

# Just listening to Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream having been given her CD for my bday. great! @mikierihara looked after her here in japan 9:12 AM Jan 20th

# 募集:Tumblrでは、日本語のサポートをしていただける日本に住む日本人の方を探しています。パートタイム。時間は柔軟に対応できます。高給。メール 8:25 AM Jan 20th

# Important message: (not safe for work) 9:44 PM Jan 19th

# Video: The Social Media Guru 9:37 PM Jan 19th

# BBC Radio4: 1 year on, why Guantanamo remains open 5:53 PM Jan 19th

# Tongue-in-cheek response to claim that publishers lose $3B/yr to piracy;they lose $100B to lending! (v/@iA @timoreilly) 2:55 PM Jan 19th

# ah, bum, i forgot i was supposed to run about 13 miles tonight. Mind you, only 12:15, the night is yet young! #tokyomarathon2010 7:15 AM Jan 19th

# Japan Trends Blog: @CScoutJapan’s Michael Kerferl interviewed by a certain @tamegoeswild 6:51 AM Jan 19th

# JAL. We Are Here To STAY! (v/ @FrankieBit) 4:49 AM Jan 19th

# There’s an old granny waiting too, who refuses to be quiet. Her 50yr old son is desperately trying to make her shut up, but she’s half deaf 8:16 AM Jan 18th

# Sitting in Hiroo hospital as *Twinkle* has further tests for mysterious & severe stomach pains. Place is almost deserted. 8:15 AM Jan 18th

# British man arrested for making joke on Twitter (v/ @m000sh) 4:00 AM Jan 18th

# Company in Tokyo looking to recruit ‘skilled’ bilingual US male. Mail me at joseph [at] for more info 4:26 PM Jan 17th

# Is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a guy who cleans fish poo from someone else’s fish ponds all day? (v/ @InvisibleGaijin) 3:21 AM Jan 17th

# Marathon training in this temperature is not fun! Ganbarimasu☛ 1:34 AM Jan 17th

# Earthquake off to east of honshu today at 15:05 felt over a wide area, but not very powerful 10:13 PM Jan 16th

# Hospitals diversify: register usernames for Twitter, Facebook, Google, Skype at same time as registering birth of your child 1:40 AM Jan 16th

# Consider search engine optimization when naming your baby – give theme a unique name for future front page google results 1:15 AM Jan 16th

# Photos from today’s Samurai Armour show – check out the 3rd one – he’s got a snow shovel for a helmut! 1:00 AM Jan 16th

# Need samurai armour? showcase event runs till tomorrow at Marunouchi building. Event site: photo: 12:34 AM Jan 16th

# Charlie’s overdosed on grass again 8:01 PM Jan 15th

# Good idea to keep warm in this weather 6:32 PM Jan 15th

# I never thought I’d want to get married but it was actually the cleverest thing I ever did. 7:26 AM Jan 15th

# Bloody hell I’m glad I’m married. Leaving roppongi now. 6:50 AM Jan 15th

# I like SEO. Especially when random strangers send me $50 for linking a single word on a 2007 archive blog post to their site 4:23 PM Jan 13th

# Just had our free hotel stay from HSBC upgraded to the Four Seasons! Nice birthday present! 4:39 AM Jan 13th

# Sipping English tea and eating Scottish shortbread with *Twinkle* to celebrate my final 2 hours of being 31 5:04 AM Jan 12th

# Woah! Sakuraya (electronics) announces closure of all stores! v/@hikosaemon (site inundated now) 3:26 AM Jan 12th

# In case you were wondering, there are over 150 Japanese words than can be legally used in Scrabble 9:08 PM Jan 11th

# How everyone should cycle round here 8:35 AM Jan 11th

# Student drives 7km with 80 year old woman halfway through windscreen in Tochigi 7:43 AM Jan 11th

# A bit disturbing: man turns personality of friend lost in 9/11 into ‘World’s 1st Sex Robot’ v/@jcayzac 3:00 AM Jan 11th

# Oh shi*t I just did my 5,000th tweet and forgot to take my clothes off to mark it! Oh well, I’ll give you an extra big treat at 10,000. 2:44 AM Jan 11th

# I didn’t know that in Japan today it’s also ‘Dog Day’! (01月11=ワンワンワンday) proof 1min42sec into this video 2:02 AM Jan 11th

# 7 tweets to 5000. Feel I should do a live Twitter strip show or something. That’s what people do, right? 11:25 PM Jan 10th

# When we returned to Hachiko after the coming-of-age ceremony the communists were doing their demo. A lot more civilised than right wingers! 11:17 PM Jan 10th

# Apple store Shibuya has a new window display @dannychoo 11:03 PM Jan 10th

# Broadcasting now from Shibuya with Tokyo Stormtrooper @dannychoo, NHK and girls in White fur 7:55 PM Jan 10th

# Foreigners OUT! anti-gaijin protest in Shibuya 7:00 PM Jan 10th

# 1 month ago I lost my favorite hat. I knew if I waited it would come back. Today I found it on someone’s gatepost quite a way from home 🙂 4:12 AM Jan 10th

# New Interview out: CScout Japan’s Managing Director Michael Keferl on Trend tours, Puchi Puchi and eco consumption 3:42 AM Jan 10th

# Okey dokey – let’s watch it burn 6:56 PM Jan 9th

# Ready to burn – T minus 15 mins until new year decorations go up in flames 6:45 PM Jan 9th

# Water pump thing set up ready for the big fire – will live stream now at 6:28 PM Jan 9th

# …Ah, re. that last tweet, not exactly a ‘live burning’, unless some folks hung up their children or grand parents as new years decorations 5:27 PM Jan 9th

# Live burning of all the local New Year’s decorations happening in the park outside at lunchtime. Will live-stream it 🙂 5:26 PM Jan 9th

# ok, enough pissing off friends… 🙂 5:10 PM Jan 9th

# I soooo need an anti-4square filter for twitter…. It’s like that mafia wars thing, or farmville on facebook, or email spam >< 12:39 AM Jan 9th

# Submissions now open for Otacool 2 on Available for pre-order from (where I work 🙂 12:22 AM Jan 9th

# Two diddy ships from Tokyo Bay’s Rainbow Bridge 10:26 PM Jan 8th

# Hey! I’m live on Ustream from my iPhone – 9:22 PM Jan 8th from Ustream

# Ok, sorted out my settings. Live video starting in a moment here: 9:18 PM Jan 8th

# Next tweet should be URL for live video stream as I cross rainbow bridge on foot 9:11 PM Jan 8th

# Video: Sea Shepard’s anti-whaling stealth boat has bow sliced off by Japanese whalers 5:24 PM Jan 8th

# Personal podcast: the magic of make-believe 4:51 PM Jan 8th

# How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You via @gustavokishi 4:19 PM Jan 8th

# Very ‘cool’ satellite photo of Britain from above this week 6:22 AM Jan 8th

# Going to be presenting at next (Tokyo) Pecha-Kucha night 6:21 AM Jan 8th

# Tokyo Snow Club giving away two nights in Hakuba 9:32 PM Jan 7th

# 50 ladies signed up for my ‘Englishman in Japan’ talk now – will have to learn how to be a gentleman 8:37 PM Jan 7th

# Having my first Japanese lesson of the year with Sensei @namynarmy. Going through the changes to #jlpt 4:36 AM Jan 7th

# Populating my iPhone (and mac) address book with people’s photos is probably the first useful thing the Facebook app has done for me ☺ 2:19 AM Jan 7th

# iPhone Facebook app now has push – Profile pic to address book sync too! 2:06 AM Jan 7th

# Re-listening to the wonderful 20 hour audiobook version of Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore. Magical. 4:26 AM Jan 6th

# Hard day at the office, and it’s only 10:18am! 5:20 PM Jan 5th

# Authorities admit to planting explosives in passenger luggage on flight to Ireland via @shinpuren 4:53 PM Jan 5th

# You’d be surprised how hard it is to record bubble wrap being popped without the rustling getting in the way 8:51 AM Jan 5th

# Free heater – bought 1 year ago and barely used – can send to anyone in japan – model: 4:14 PM Jan 4th

# Perhaps only in Japan could someone known to have killed and eaten someone become a TV personality 3:57 PM Jan 4th

# With Apple announcing new tablet I now have to think of a convincing reason for wifey as to why I ‘need’ one 3:53 PM Jan 4th

# So who’s taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test this summer? I am! #jlpt 3:42 PM Jan 4th

# Woke up with a HUGE lump of air frozen to my nose – THAT’S how cold it is in Tokyo this morning 3:08 PM Jan 4th

# A 160 floor building? That’s just nuts! 9:00 AM Jan 4th

# Good to be back on track with doing stuff that I kept on putting off in 2009 🙂 means less time for Twitter though! 8:20 AM Jan 4th

# Time to get this 2010 show on the road. Did first training run this morning, #TokyoMarathon now T minus 7wks 6 days 4:17 PM Jan 3rd

# Loco in Yokohama, on losing Aiko to cancer, age 25 4:23 PM Jan 2nd

Washing machine has finished, so I’d better hang stuff up.

Talk later!