Live Streaming the Tokyo Marathon – a huge success

Video by Lem Fugitt This is just a quick update on the Tokyo Marathon – it was a huge success! I’m not going into details now as I’m pretty tired 🙂 but basically: I ran with my good friend Tom Kobayashi, without whom I never would have taken up running. He’s been amazing throughout our […]

Live Streaming the Tokyo Marathon 2010

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks since I last posted, and ‘normal life’ has been put on hold. This week in particular has been pretty crazy as we gear up for Sunday’s live-streaming spectacular. We now have 5 teams equipped with iPhone 3GSs who will be positioned around Tokyo to capture the action live […]

Valentine’s Day

One thing that we went into our marriage knowing, was that statistically, international marriages are far more likely to fail than marriages involving two people with a similar background. For me it’s important to not forget this. It helps me to compromise when I need to to, where I might otherwise let pride get in […]

41.4km (25.7 mile) run around Tokyo’s Yamanote loop line

Hachiko, Shibuya, where the run started and finished. Quiet an achievement for me today – I circumnavigated inner Tokyo by running the Yamanote train line, visiting every station along the way. The 41.4km route took me almost 5 hours to run, and was quite painful towards the end – but worth it for the sense […]

Summer 2010: exploring Japan By Bicycle

The first section of this blog has been gratuitously copied from a post I just wrote a moment ago for Being an Apple fan boy, my initial reaction to the iPad was ‘I want one!’ then ‘I’ll get one!’ I mean, I find *Twinkle*s iPod touch really sexy, so a BIG iPod touch must […]

Snow fall in Tokyo

It snowed tonight – and settled – for the first time this winter. We seem to have had about 8cm-10cm. What a treat! *Twinkle* and I couldn’t contain the children within us, and so at 11pm went out for a late night play in the park…