It’s been a hectic couple of weeks since I last posted, and ‘normal life’ has been put on hold. This week in particular has been pretty crazy as we gear up for Sunday’s live-streaming spectacular. We now have 5 teams equipped with iPhone 3GSs who will be positioned around Tokyo to capture the action live and stream it to Broadcast HQ (a hotel room overlooking the final 1km of the course), where the live videos will be interspersed with commentary and analysis from technologist Steve Nagata and Senior Mac Pro Christine.

Then there’ll be me, with my iPhone on my head, running the 42km.

I wanted to make this year’s run interactive, and so will be using TweetTalk, which will read messages posted by viewers on Twitter, into my ear for me. The developer has been extremely kind – I found a little bug connected with Japanese Tweets. When I contacted him he released an update the following day, and it’s just last night been approved by Apple, so we’re all go.

Additionally, the team at Glympse are being very helpful, in fact just since I started typing this blog they have emailed and told me they can fulfill all of my requests, and I’ll be the first one to use the new tools they’re releasing! How kind is that?!

Here’s an intro video.

The only discouraging news is that rain is forecast for the morning, although it will be clearing up later. Fingers crossed!

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