Cherry Blossom Buds

I’ve really been looking forward to Spring this year. I think it was around mid-February when I finally declared that I had had enough of the cold mornings, cold days, and cold evenings. Unlike in the UK, the weather tends to permeate the entire house (all 32 square metres of it!). Instead of thick walls, […]

Setting the penguin to work

After several months of a relative lack of action outside of work (ok, aside from a marathon), I’m starting to feel fired up again. As many Mumblers know, last year, much of my energy went into producing a number of podcasts. I’ve not updated these for some time now. The podfade was part-planned, and partly […]

Tokyo Marathon 2010: The full (and final) story

One reason for starting this website about 10 years ago was to document my life. Doing so not only helps me remember, but also helps me reflect on the things I’ve done, and (hopefully) learn from them. Recent weeks and months have seen me posting far less on The Daily Mumble than I used to, […]