Nippon TV: Zoom in Saturday

A couple of weeks back I made a brief appearance on Nippon TV’s ‘Zoom in Saturday’. The interview, which went on for about 15~20 minutes, was a lot of fun – here’s the 90 seconds that made it out of the editing suite! This section of the program focuses on what foreigners think of Japan, […]

PechaKucha Night Presentation

I presented at PechaKucha last night. Thanks to all of you who came or watched online. For those of you who don’t know about PechaKucha: the format is tough, with 20 slides, automatically advancing to the next slide after 20 seconds. Thus, it means things can get a bit rushed… Click here for the slides […]

IT Media News article

Many thanks to Miyamoto-san of IT Media news for the opportunity to be interviewed for one of Japan’s major tech news sites – the story was published this morning. For anyone in the Tokyo area, I’ll be presenting about the marathon at tomorrow night’s PechaKucha – and we’ll be using a certain Apple device to […]

Time flies like baby birds, press update

Sorry, but I just can’t resist it – the birds were at it again this morning when I woke up, couldn’t help but get a few snaps. These are taken through the glass door, thus they’re a bit noisier than they should be. (Incidentally, one of my photos from my previous post is now on […]

Birds and Babies in the blossom

I’d never noticed the birds taking pollen from the cherry blossom before. It was only when lying on the futon with the balcony doors open one morning last week that I saw them at it, hopping around from branch to branch, the tips of their beaks coated in golden dust. I don’t know what kind […]


We held a little hanami (cherry blossom viewing party) today. It was a quiet affair (so please don’t be offended if you weren’t invited!). Partly as a joke, I set up our HD video camera on the veranda and connected it to the TV – bringing the cherry blossom into the house: “These days things […]

Twitter warps my world

Photo: Roppongi Art Night Howdy hoolie. Quick catch-up time. Before I start, I’d just like to explain to any new readers that unlike many blogs, The Daily Mumble doesn’t tend to deal with anything other than ME! This is intentional. It’s not an ego thing. It’s more that there’s thousands of people who are far […]