cooltiger – The Bread Runner

You may remember that towards the end of the Tokyo Marathon, I was stopped by a family whom I’d never met before, who’d seen what I was up to and decided to prepare some bread to give to me when I passed them. It was a very kind gesture – I was touched. In an […]

Changes. Again.

I find living next to a park a real lifeline, especially at this time of year. The mosquitoes are yet to really start biting, and the Cicada’s yet to start making a racket. We can keep the veranda doors wide open and enjoy the breeze, whilst talking to the rapidly growing tomatoes, sunflowers and magic […]

TEDxTokyo 2010

Jake Shimabukuro performs live at TEDxTokyo 2010 Without a doubt the one thing that I’ve focused on more than anything else over the past month has been TEDxTokyo. What is TEDxTokyo? Intro to TED Intro to TEDx video intro to TEDxTokyo I was first invited to participate by good friend and fellow tech-lover @SteveNagata. Knowing […]

Four Seasons Hotel and the TELL Runathon

It’s the second day of our Golden Week Holiday, when the government cunningly stacks 4 public holidays on top of one another to force people to take a prolonged break from the office. A mighty fine idea me thinks. *Twinkle* and I have been seeing much more of one another lately, and have been loving […]