My Pet Sunflower

Actually the only one of the bunch to survive the heat this month…! Posted via email from Joseph’s posterous

Clean Starts

Clean starts feel good. Take for example my iPhone. After I changed the language settings to Spanish in order to write instructions for a Spanish friend who needed to add a mail account to their iPhone, my iPhone refuses to give up the spanish dictionary, even after I’d switched it back to English. Suddenly all […]


I was awake at 5:30am despite the late night last night. Sunlight on face and a noisy bird just can’t be fought against. I dreamt of problems with iCal, the apple calendar program. I woke with the decision to focus my Japanese studies on vocab, as that’s what I need most now. It’s a beautiful day today. I’m lucky to […]

End of July

So much going on and so little time to document it. I will, but not till next month. In the last week we’ve had an unforgettable mount Fuji climb, interview of the Twitter CEO, severe spraining of foot leading to immobility, 2nd wedding anniversary, media whoring with Japan times article, and a confession in The […]

It’s a good life

Today’s one of those days when I go to sleep feeling so fortunate to be in this situation – surrounded by and connected to so many good people, here near the summit of Mt Fuji, out there across Japan, back home in the UK and all over the place online. I’ve really enjoyed today. Stepping […]

Dusk on Mount Fuji

(3300 KB) Watch on posterous Posted via email from Joseph’s posterous

Network Coverage on the roof of Japan

NTT DoCoMo have kindly provided us with a map to accompany the pocket wifi we’ll be using, showing the extent of coverage on the summit of Mt. Fuji. The pink areas represent the networks put out by the two repeaters placed on the rim of the crater.

富士登山の用具 Equipment for climbing Mt. Fuji

荷物はちょっと多いかな〜 Few too many things to carry? MacBook Pro 17″ iPad (not shown) iPhone 3GS iPod Touch Nikon D40x + 2 lenses Canon HFS11 + wide angle lens Cerevo Cam Live Buffalo DWR-PG Pocket Wifi on NTT DoCoMo D25-HW Pocket Wifi on Emobile Giant Zaggsparq USB Charger x 2 Eneloop USN charger Eneloop Solar Panel […]

富士山 Live! USTREAM中継をしながら登山

[English version here] ライブストリーマー、ジョセフが帰って来た! 来る7月20日(火)、ジョセフ率いるチームが富士山頂を目指してCerevo CamとNTT DoCoMoのPocket WiFiでUSTREAM中継をしながら登山します! スケジュールは以下の通りです。 7月20日(火) 10:00 東京から富士までの車中、ミニバスより中継を開始。 12:00 5合目より、富士登山を開始。(吉田口) 18:00 8合目の山小屋で休憩。(山頂まで約1時間の距離)エンターテイメント。就寝。 03:00 起床。山頂へ向かう。 04:30 山頂到着。ご来光の中継。お祝い。山頂付近を散策する。 09:00 車に戻る。東京へ向けて出発。 ぜひ参加して下さい! 中継は にて、7月20日の朝10時から閲覧可能になります。 メッセージをツイッター上で送っていただくことで、積極的に参加していただけます。 #mtfujiTV のタグを入れてツイッターを送っていただければ、チーム全体の iPadでディスプレイされます。 登山中には、ツイッターのタイムラインを随時チェックし、皆さんと相互的に会話できるように努めます。 僕 @tamegoeswild をツイッターでフォローしてもらえれば、最新情報を随時お知らせします! 今回は、NTT DoCoMo (Portable Wifi + ネットワーク・アクセス提供)、Cerevo(カメラ提供), The Japan Times(英字新聞)、the BBC(英国放送)、 代表のヘザーさんの協力のもと実現いたしました。 @SteveNagataさんも@MikeKatoさんも奥さんの@twinkletameも、いつも色々ありがとうございます。 頑張りましょう!

Mount Fuji Live! 2010

This post will be cross-posted at 日本語はこちらです。 Active Otaku One thing I’ve promised myself is that if I’m going to be a tech otaku, I’m not going to the passive type. I’m not going to be one of those who lie in bed at night with their multi-generational iPhones lined up on the bedside […]

The moon tonight

See the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Joseph’s posterous

Blue Skies

It’s a beautiful day in Tokyo. Perfect weather for sitting on a bench in a park.

Toilet seats

I’ve known these toilet seat lids for a couple of years now. Feel quite sorry for them really, out come wind, rain or hail. One of my dreams is to have a toilet equipped with a washlet. I was quite attached to the one in the first house I lived in in Tokyo. Posted via […]

It’s only getting better

My life has changed a lot in the last two weeks, for the better. It’s important that I don’t forget that this didn’t happen as a result of my doing nothing and opportunities simply presenting themselves, but rather as a result of my taking positive steps to bring about the change. At the time I […]

Sunflowers vs. Wind

With the onset of string winds, I replace *Twinkle’s* ex-jewellery stand with this ex-umbrella, carefully dismembered with my favourite pair of pliers. Love DIY hacking. Joseph Posted via email from Joseph’s posterous


Really enjoying this book – Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski. Turns out that statistically speaking, England actually do a lot better than they should. Also, you know that argument that ‘England perform really badly in international tournaments because they have so many foreign players’ – turns out that’s complete rubbish. More foreign players […]

Nike Cup

One of my new clients is Total Football, a euro-style football coaching company owned by my brother-in-law Leigh that’s partnered with Nike Japan. Today we were at Ajinomo Stadium for the final of the Nike Cup ( – Leigh had led the East Japan team, not quite all the way to the final (but almost). […]

Modern age

Despite being a heavy user of tech, accustomed to the devices that we use everyday being updated and getting seemingly cleverer and cleverer all the time, I’m happy to say that I’m able to still feel a sense of wonder when experiencing technologies for the first time. Just recently I’ve figured out how to be […]

Google Chrome display problem

Any ideas what’s going on with Google Chrome here? Changing the encoding doesn’t help, and it’s not connected with Japanese either – this page is all English. Same for virtually any website, and restarts / reinstalls don’t help. It’s not consistent though – happened for a couple of weeks, was OK for a while, then […]

Soft air

Ah, can’t beat a bit of soft air. Just on the Hibiya line heading home from a meeting, further developments on the work front. Very busy, in a good way. Saw a sign in the public toilets: “Please do not drink the disinfectant” Makes you wonder… Posted via email from Joseph’s posterous


Today starts, and ends in Starbucks. I enjoyed studying in here first thing this morning. Going through my folders from my Japanese course at Rikkyo University (2006-2007) was pretty exciting, reminding me of the wonder of Learning Stuff. Japanese – it rocks. After 90 minutes here it was back home to work on a number […]

Japanese study

I’ve reached one of those points when I’m totally disgusted with myself …again. It’s my Japanese. It’s appalling. At least, appalling compared to the level I feel it should be at. I’m going to do something about it as it’s actually getting worse. I keep on finding myself in situations where I can’t say what […]

Sky high

Despite having lived in Tokyo for some time I still find myself captivated by the skyscrapers. They’re just so …er, Big. I’m just walking down the road in Shimbashi at the moment going to meet a friend who’s over from Australia, and discuss a film project. These are strange days, packed with a myriad of […]

Terabytes of life

Very happy to have finally got my microblog set up – I’m posting via email to posterous, which then autoposts to WordPress at – which then should post to Facebook, which then posts to email, at which point I get sucked into a perpetual loop which can only be broken by ingesting 3KG of […]

Site Updates

Just a quick note to say that I’m now in the process of updating TameGoesWild, and until the overhaul is complete a fair bit of material will be unavailable. Following on my previous post – I’ve decided to continue to use The Daily Mumble as I have done up until now. I’ll be adding a […]

Evolution of The Daily Mumble

The dramatic decrease in the number of posts on this blog probably correlates perfectly with the increase in the number of tweets I’ve sent. The ability to share my thoughts quickly and easily without having to come up with complete English sentences means I’ve not felt the need to sit down and make time to […]

Social Media Day Tokyo

On June 30th 2010 the popular social media / tech site Mashable initiated Global Social Media Day, with events being held in over 90 countries worldwide – including Japan. Organised by the boys over at Poken, Social Media Day Tokyo featured a great line of speakers including Shoko Tanaka, Eri Yatsuzuka, Dean Fujii, Johan Rooms, […]