Today starts, and ends in Starbucks.
I enjoyed studying in here first thing this morning. Going through my folders from my Japanese course at Rikkyo University (2006-2007) was pretty exciting, reminding me of the wonder of Learning Stuff. Japanese – it rocks.

After 90 minutes here it was back home to work on a number of projects, before going out for lunch with the marketing manager of a noted Tokyo-based info portal, a very kind chap who was generous with his time and advice.

Following that it was over to Azabu-juban to meet the head of the Direct Marketing Committee at the American Chambers of Commerce Japan – I’ll be speaking there in late August. Once again, inspiring to hear what others are doing in this city; I left feeling even more determined to succeed in what I choose to do.

Back at our local station, I stood thinking for some time. Where to go? Work at home? Work at Starbucks? How many coffees had I had already? Would there be seats available? Would I be able to concentrate?

5 hours later I’m still here. I’ve worked through a pile of little things, enabling me to get on with the important stuff tonight, tomorrow, Sunday.

I’m actually planning to go away if I can. Somewhere quiet where I can focus and work on the several plans that I have to work on. All I need is an Internet connection, or an emobile signal.

We’ll see.

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