Digitise your Business Card Collection with Evernote

The problem: I had stacks of business cards in my desk drawer that I’d been given over the past two years in Tokyo. I’d typically collected them in batches at events, and for the vast majority I’d never made the time to sit down and transfer all the the contact info into my address book. […]

There Is No Geo-privacy

The recent launch of Facebook Places has ignited a fair bit of debate over personal location privacy. The technology (gps tagging) is nothing new, and we already see it built-in to a huge variety of apps and websites. Whilst Foursquare is the No.1 site dedicated to sharing your location, many others have the feature built-in […]

When things go tits-up

It’s a shame when one can’t be as effective as one would like to be. I was giving a presentation today for one of committees of the American Chambers of Commerce, looking at ustream & using it for business. Unfortunately my MacBook pro suffered a stroke as I began – no video output to the […]

On a platform

We’re standing on a platform in Saitama, about to board the train that will take us south, under central Tokyo and out the the other sude to our home. We’ve spent the weekend with *Twinkle’s* family. Not only dies that mean good company, but also good food and liberal use of an aircon. Much of […]

Life at the moment

Just a quick check-in. The last 3 weeks *Twinkle’ and I have been working 16 hours a day 7 days a week. *Twinkle* is now manager of Total Football, where I’m also employed part time; i’m carrying out a complete overhaul of IT within the company, and streamlining offline systems. In addition to that I’m […]

How to Customise your Facebook Fan Page

One of the projects I’m fortunate to be a part of is 21Foundation, an educational organisation established to help bring about widespread adoption of 21st century teaching / learning techniques. My role there is to help create an presence for the foundation on the social networks, and as a part of this I’ve spent the […]

July 2010: Mt. Fuji, Tweetup, and Going Freelance

Looking back at the past month of entries on my blog, I see that I’ve completed neglected to talk about how things have panned out since I left White Rabbit Press at the end of June. The reason for that is simple – I’ve been extremely busy with new projects, and have not really not […]