So, as I mentioned on Facebook a couple of times over the past few weeks, I’ve been waiting on immigration to notify me that my visa extension application has been processed and I can go back to their Shinagawa office to get the stamp in my passport.

My visa expired at the beginning of this month, although immigration law states that I can stay for up to 2 months after expiry provided I’ve submitted an application for a new visa / extension. I’m now 6 weeks into that 2 months period.

Reading the notice stapled into my passport (above), I was assured that they would process my application by Sep 22nd – two days ago. Unfortunately I failed to read to the end of the paragraph in which it states that you’re just supposed to go to the office within that period to get your stamp – you don’t have to wait for the notification postcard (as has been the case until now, and as I have been doing).

I guess I’ll be heading down to immigration tomorrow, and hope that they don’t mind that I’m two days late!

Thanks to W00kie for pointing out my mistake.


When I arrived at immigration I was told that, as I had missed the deadline, I would need to report to the Inspection Counter. I did this, and within a few minutes was issued with a 3 year spouse visa – something I’ve wanted for the past two years!

Looks like I’ll be staying here a little longer then.