It’s certainly been an interesting one today, with a meeting in Starbucks, another at the Foreign Correspondents Club, another in a pizza restaurant and another by a bench outside a supermarket near home.

There were revelations, probing questions as well as frustration, outrage, big decisions, action steps …and a dead rat.

I got a phone call this morning from an acquaintance who asked me if I had time for a coffee. It wasn’t about business, I wouldn’t need to take anything. It was just going to be about *me*. I was intrigued.

And it was. I was asked what I wanted to do with my life. I laughed. “I ask myself the same question every day!”.

It’s not that I have *no idea*. It’s more that there’s an abundance of opportunity, I’m diluting my efforts, and perhaps ultimately setting myself up for prolonged frustration.

I took an important step at the end of July by leaving my full time job and going freelance.

Since then I’ve been offered more work than I can take on – and that’s been without asking.

I’m thinking it’s time I took another big step.

Everything happens for a reason – and meetings like today’s are pretty rare,

I’m reminded of that quote: “What would you do if you *knew* you couldn’t fail”.