I doubled my memory today. I can now hold more than 3 status updates in my head

Here we have the innards of my unibody MacBook Pro – as seen in the Linux Cafe in Akihabara – a suitable place for upgrading memory modules I thought.

It’s the first time I’ve opened up a Unibody Mac – very easy to do. Replacement of the RAM only takes a minute – there’s a guide on the Apple support site.

When asking for mac-friendly RAM in several stores in Akihabara I was told that they didn’t have any at 4GB – but after speaking to @Oren_The_Red who upgraded last week, I opted to take a chance on the Samsung memory modules – despite their not being guaranteed by Apple to work with their machines. As it turned out, the modules I bought were identical to the original 2 x 2GB modules that shipped with my computer last year (except in terms of storage, 2 x 4GB instead of 2 x 2GB).

I never thought I’d need 8GBs of RAM, but this week when working on a web project I found my MBP slowl to a crawl, due to the weight of running Windows in Parallels and a multitude of other apps including Photoshop CS5.

I’m pleased to report that following the upgrade it’s running like a dream. Well worth the 16,000 yen investment