A few weeks back I was introduced by friend & entrepreneur Dave Mori to his wife Andrea – she was organising Thrill the World Tokyo – would I be interested in live-streaming it?

Knowing that I had far too much on already, I said yes, and on Saturday night following a meeting with the organiser of the upcoming Rock Challenge Japan (regarding live streaming and photography) I headed over to Yoyogi Park.

Apparently Thrill the World has been happening for a number of years now. Groups gather in all corners of the globe and, at the prescribed hour, simultaneously begin the Thriller zombie dance routine.

Although I’d gone along to do the live broadcast (over the emobile data network), just before the dance started I was asked if I could also record it for upload afterwards. I wasn’t exactly prepared for this, thus the video isn’t exactly the best. Still, for a rush job, in the dark, it’s not bad.

It was also quite a bit of fun!

YouTube have blocked embedding due to copyright on the music, but I don’t think facebook have reached that stage yet, so here we go.