One thing I’ve long wanted to do is tour Japan by bicycle. Whilst I’ve hardly left Tokyo since September 2008, I have in previous years traveled a fair bit – working on organic farms, hitchhiking here and there, getting out into local communities.

A couple of  things that stick with me from those times are the scenery (much of Japan is mountainous, with greenery taking over from the concrete that I’m familiar with) and the traditions maintained by local communities. I figured that touring by bicycle could provide for a really rich experience, allowing you to get a true appreciation for the diversity of the Japanese landscape, whilst also allowing you to interact with the locals, dipping in to pockets of traditional culture.

Today I’ve been writing up my part of a proposal that is being put forward to one of the top 5 companies in the country, and the national office of a international organisation for young people. Interest has already been expressed by both parties. This project  would be a part of a much larger project which is currently only in the planning stages.

Still, if it does go ahead (probably in the Spring of 2011) it would be a pretty big deal – and a lot of fun, integrating sports and social media.

This is another of those opportunities that has resulted from the Tokyo Marathon – and from living in Japan’s capital where seemingly anything is possible.

Watch this space.

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