£19,000 for one hour’s work – application submitted!

Domino’s Pizza Japan are celebrating their 25th anniversary with an unusual recruitment drive: they’re looking for a single employee to work one hour sometime in December, for which they’ll be paid 2,500,000 (about £19,000).

Naturally, I applied.

What do you think of my resume? I thought it important to show a bit of imagination.

I only had about 90 minutes to create this from scratch today. If I’d had more time I would have added olives.

Autumn Cherry

The cherry tree in front of our balcony is giving us a final show for the year, before shedding its leaves and looking sticky for the winter.

Behind the tree you can see Himonya Park pond, and beyond that on the horizon, the broadcast tower that I think belongs to NTT.

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Launch of TM2011.com

Over the next few months the number of running-related posts I’ll be writing is probably going to increase significantly. I appreciate that there probably aren’t many runners amongst The Daily Mumblers, so have decided to set up a new section of TGW dedicated to running.

www.TM2011.com (or tokyomarathon2011.com) is a bilingual site that will track my preparation for the Tokyo Marathon in February 2011. It’ll also be the main repository for the products of my new project, The Art of Running.

Being bilingual it’s also a study aid for me!

My thanks to www.lifeyou.tv for the logo, and @namyhei for giving the text a once-over.

Here’s a post that I wrote tonight:

The second run in my Art of Running series took place this morning in central Tokyo, and saw me joining the Sunday morning crowd for a section of the Imperial Palace circuit, before branching off towards Aoyama. Creating the eye of The 21km Imperial Duck required pausing the tracking software for a section of the run, then restarting when I reached the right spot. I also found that leaving home with only 60% battery on the iPhone 4 is not a good idea if you have two hours of GPS tracking and music planned. Finished it with 2% battery remaining!

It was really interesting doing the beak as I’ve never been to that part of Tokyo before, was stunned to fund such a big park that I’d never been into until now.

It was also useful to identify further issues I might encounter with the GPS tracking. Runkeeper has a tendency to crash in certain situations, and Google Earth just doesn’t have the resolution I need. I was also using Nike+ on my iPhone 3GS, and Runkeeper running with a second Runkeeper account in my bag (that captures the entire run, without pauses).

Here’s the route in Google Earth

The Art of Running: Meguro Elephant

In a bid to help me get through The Wall(s) encountered during long distance runs, I’ve decided to bring GPSart (otherwise known as Position Art) to the streets of Tokyo.

My first creation is the 18.43km Meguro Elephant. With an average speed of 10.28km/h, it’s one of the faster breeds, yet consumes a staggering low number of calories.

For an interactive map click here.

Clearly the developer of Visual Hub had a lot of experience encoding videos

Visual Hub, sadly no longer available, is one of the best tools not out there for quick and dirty video encoding. The UI has built in messages that demonstrate that the developer was a seasoned video encoder. This is one of my favourites, at the top of the Advanced Settings pane: “Don’t! You’ll screw it all up!” …as you inevitably do if you start messing with them.

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