Back on the other side of the world

I’m sitting on a comfy sofa in the front room of a typical terraced house in central London. Wooden floorboards, high ceiling, white walls, fireplace, bay window. Two big suitcases open on the floor next to a big inflatable mattress, chocolate digestives on the coffee table. We landed about 12 hours ago here in London […]

Holiday Savings Bank – Goal Reached!

Astonishing that these coins are collectively worth over £760 – about 40% more than the last time I went back to the UK. Time for a trip to the post office to get them changed, and then immigration to get my reentry permit. Departure for Europe only 18 days away! Posted via email from Joseph’s […]

Post Downpour

Had some glorious rain this morning – so heavy it woke me up with it’s knocking on the door – I thought it was a delivery man at first! Outside in Himonya Park the rain has harvested a wealth of leaves, making for a thick sodden carpet in parts. See the full gallery on posterous […]

Nikon D7000 – Photography in the Dark

See the full gallery on posterous For an enthusiast like me who until now has only used the cheapest digital SLRs, the Nikon D7000 opens up a whole new world of photography. Until now I’ve been limited to taking photos where there’s decent lighting …or putting up with a lot of noise and blur. Taking […]