Completion of 50km ‘Art of Running’ piece

See the full gallery on Posterous This past week we’ve had a special guest stay with us – Erin Beresina, writer for Competitor Magazine. Erin came over from San Diego to find out more about the iRun, and also to join me in the planning and execution of a very special 50km ‘Art of Running’ […]

Marmite Chocolate

Chocolate with a hint of marmite …mmmm! – a present from two of our good friends recently back from the UK on the occasion of our house-warming party tonight. It was the first party I’ve ever hosted, as I’ve never lived somewhere that makes a good venue. Over the past few years in Tokyo I’ve […]

Earthquake or grape-scented toilet roll?

Sitting on the toilet my mind is torn between thinking about the earthquake we’ve just had, and thinking about the fact that *Twinkle* bought grape-scented toilet paper. It really smells of grapes.

Aoyama Cemetery 青山霊園

Just nipped out of the office for a stroll down the road that runs through the centre of Aoyama Cemetery, central Tokyo.

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Over the past few months I’ve come to love Posterous. It is, in my view, simply the easiest /most convenient way to update both my blog and social networks. A couple of weeks ago I revisited the Posterous blogging app for iPhone, and quickly grew to love it. As a result, I’ve started posting a lot […]

Yoyogi Park Hanami

See the full gallery on Posterous Lots of people doing Hanami (cherry blossom viewing party) despite Ishihara’s request for restraint. Far fewer than most years though. Average age 19. Age of oldest person in park: 23. Average queue time for toilet: 3 days. Number of people in pond: 3. Posted via email from Joseph’s posterous


Sent by the iTame Posted via email from Joseph’s posterous

Photo: Military helicopter lands on roof of MoD, Tokyo. Docomo Tower, Mt. Fuji in background

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No Cats n’ Dogs!

One of the rules in our new building is no cats or dogs. I don’t mind though as I have my pineapple. Sent by the iTame Posted via email from Joseph’s posterous