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東京の日の入り Tonight’s Tokyo Sunset


歯のメニューから選ばないと Have to choose from Tooth Menu: ¥80,000~¥150,000


Now I understand why the dentist has always been so happy to see me – it’s only in week 6 of treatment (after they’ve hollowed out/ ground down your tooth) that you’re given the tooth crown menu, which ranges from £600 to £1,100!

Surely a bit of pollyfilla would do the trick?!

ベランダのためのテーブルを作っている Making a table for the veranda

This is the proof-of-concept prototype.

Kanda River

The Kanda River runs for 24km through the heart of Tokyo, passing by the north of our house.

For this morning’s early-morning walk we headed east along its banks towards Ochanomizu, where one of these photos was taken.

It’s amazing how much green there Is along this corridor – and how much wildlife it supports.

As well as birds and insects, it also supports a variety of jetskier – I saw two traversing along its course.

Along the way we also found a beautiful rose garden. Made me think of England!

Since we moved here a few weeks back I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how interesting /nice this area of Tokyo is. Until now it’s been a blank space in my mental map of the metropolis.

We’re heading back home now – ice creams in hand, then I’ll be off to the Ekiden Carnival to support my friends running in the bi-annual relay race.


Caterpillar Hangs by a Silk Thread  いもむしが枝から糸でぶら下がっている


Whilst out walking in Koishikawa park (located next door to Tokyo Dome) yesterday we found this little chap doing a dance on the end of a thread. He was jumping around in an attempt to climb back up, gathering the silk in his wee little arms as he went.