<!--:en-->Audio Diary: Running, Freelance Projects, Diet, Tomatoes <!--:-->

Sunset over Tokyo, taken from our balcony Finally, after 9 years online, the Daily Mumble is becoming just that – a daily mumble! Below are a number of audio diary entries I’ve recorded over the past few days, and all are very mumble-esque in nature. They cover a wide range of topics that are at […]


The last 6 months have been pretty hardcore, with overlapping projects meaning no time for a break. However, we did finally manage to take a few days off (3!) and get away to Hokkaido, one place I’ve been wanting to get back to since the summer of 2002 when I spent three months there working […]

<!--:en-->TEDxTokyo 2011<!--:-->

I first got involved with TEDxTokyo in early 2010, invited by a friend to lead a backstage live stream team. The two of us had been doing quite a bit of livestreaming over the previous 6 months, and through that (well, through the Tokyo Marathon project to be precise) had established contact with Ustream’s US […]

Tokyo Metro Poster: The power of an avalanche

Saw this poster published by Tokyo Metro in our local station today. The caption reads “Don’t take it lightly – the energy of soil and stones”. An interesting choice, considering how unlikely landslides are in the metropolitan area. It’s probably one in a series focusing on natural disasters. I’ve not been back to Tohoku since […]

Amaryllis time-lapse in the making

We’re on day 4 of the time-lapse. All I have to do is change the camera battery every couple of days. Over 1300 photos in the series now. Looking forward to seeing the result.