It had been a couple of days since the last harvest from our balcony garden, and with yesterday’s bright sunshine I knew that this morning we’d see a bumper crop.

I wasn’t wrong there.

However, what I wasn’t expecting was this: As soon as I’d turned my back, the Red Pepper Brigade (led by the notorious Agent Green) had assembled in formation, ready to face the tomatoes who, although initially taken by surprise were quick to jump into the legendary ‘Diamond Tomato’ pattern – the one with which they’d won the Gold for synchronised swimming at the last Tomato Olympics.

The quarrel these two groups has it seems is over who has until this point been living in a prettier pot. The peppers were raised in a wooden trug, whilst the tomatoes had been planted in a modern green plastic container.

The standoff continues. Watch this space for updates.

2 Responses

  1. Suggest you take command, get them to chop each other up and jump into a nice peppery, tomatoey sauce to be served with pasta (any balcony with a bit of Basil on it? That would add an extra flavour!  Next year perhaps. Mum