<!--:en-->Wild Tame Co., Ltd, and the Apple<!--:-->

It’s been a busy week – and it’s only Wednesday! Just a quick blog post to mark a special event – the founding of Wild Tame Co., Ltd. We completed the registration process yesterday, with the help of our consultant, Kaori Fuchi. So what does this mean in practical terms? Not much as far as […]

<!--:en-->New site for my tech projects: http://josephta.me<!--:-->

As a freelance worker with plenty of work on, it’s difficult to make time for non-client (personal) projects. There’s always something to be done for one of my paying jobs; taking time out for non-essential stuff that doesn’t pay the bills is hard to do. This is reflected in the neglect we’ve seen in these […]

<!--:en-->Art of Running in R25<!--:-->

Finally, I’ve made it to the gadget pages! Little article appeared in this week’s edition of R25 magazine (circulation 150,000 I believe) featuring my Art of Running project, includes the cute little picture of Hello Kitty from earlier in the year.

<!--:en-->Meiji Jingu Fireworks Display<!--:-->

A few photos taken from the balcony tonight of the fireworks display at Meiji Jingu. I’m quite impressed by what even relatively cheap cameras are capable of these days – these were taken 2.5 miles/4km from the launch site.