From: Plus Public Activity Feed for Joseph Tame
December 31, 2011 at 11:46AM

Google Plus to WordPress via ifttt

I've not been too active on Google+ of late. One of those months when life has taken over, leaving little time to document it. My intention to do daily updates from LeWeb'11 was edged out by more pressing needs – such as ensuring that the iRun was working. (In the end I opted for a series of Audioboo updates, which enabled me to document a lot more, in relatively little time).

One reason I haven't been so active on Google+ is that Facebook is working well for me when it comes to short updates, photos and so forth. I get a fair bit of feedback on most posts – it makes it feel worthwhile, and thus diminishes the 'need' to post either on G+ or my blog.

However, whatever I post on Facebook is limited to being on facebook – and I would prefer to have it on my own site. That's one reason I've been looking forward to G+ releasing a proper API, allowing for my data to flow exactly where I want it to flow.

In the meantime, I've discovered (If This Then That) . I love it. I've set it up to post my instagram photos to flickr, to share my Google Reader starred items on Twitter, and allegedly to post my Public Google+ updates on my WordPress site – which I'm now testing with this post.

I've never had much luck with autopost-to-wordpress services, they always seem a bit temperamental.

One thing I'm curious about is the blog title – where's it going to get that from? Well, I guess all will be revealed in about 15 minutes from now at

In other new-service news, I've just started using Insync – syncs your Google docs with your desktop. Impressed, I bought 200GB of Google storage and moved my entire photo collection (about 34,000 images, JPEG only, excluding all the RAW files) into that folder on my Mac, meaning that I will finally have a cloud-based storage solution for them too (I use a 100GB Dropbox account for all other docs, and Evernote for the little bits and pieces).

Anyhow, best post this and see what happens.

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