I’ve finally made time to upload the video from my 3rd appearance on NHK’s ‘Necchu Stadium’, this episode focusing on the things you can do with a smartphone – in my case, it’s an Art of Running project, carried out in Ishinomaki, a town hit hard by the tsunami on March 11th 2011.

In other news, the 2012 Tokyo Marathon is now only a week away, so I’m pretty busy trying to get all of that together. Above is the latest incarnation of the iRun, as featured at yesterday’s Nissan Stadium Ekiden (relay race) with my wonderful friends from the Twitter Running Club. I decided that this setup is not really practical for 42km so will be simplifying it a little…

As if a marathon wasn’t enough for one day, a few hours after completing the race I’ll be flying to California for TED 2012. Whilst I won’t actually be going into the main event (tickets are $7,000), I will be loitering around it – also going on the TED tour and attending some of TED active. Am excited about this, although probably won’t realise I’m there until …I’m there.

Slight problem is that I had my wallet stolen this week with all my cards (including drivers license, ID card, bank cards and about 40,000 yen / 315 pounds in). With my passport now with the US embassy (visa processing) it means I have no ID – makes things like getting a replacement licence and international license a bit tougher!

I must admit, my work-life balance is completely out of kilter right now, causing a fair bit of stress and lack of sleep. I’m enjoying my work with virgin earth inc – a lot of exciting developments there which are right up my street – but trying to also take care of other clients and train for a marathon, whilst also doing other bits and bobs (such as doing a GPS art project for Nike Japan this coming Tuesday, and get visas/licenses) means I’m totally over capacity. I know things will ease once this month is over; grin and bear it time! I know that ultimately it’s down to me. I choose to put myself in this situation. I can sustain it for a short while, but will be glad when my saying ‘no’ (something I started doing a couple of weeks back) actually starts paying off!

As a part of my marathon training I’ve been going to the gym. A proper private gym, with trainers who laugh at me / encourage me / be cute. I must say, I’m really enjoying that, and am looking forward to actually having some muscles for the first time in my life.

Twinkle and I are doing well. She’s an absolute star and I am so fortunate to be with her. We have our ups and downs – mainly due to me being a pain in the bum when I’m tired and stressed, but I’m trying to learn, striving to be a better husband. She’s actually in Taiwan right now, having a holiday, cheeky devil!

Anyway, best get on!