Spent quite a bit of time tonight trying to find a decent, user-friendly mind mapping program – finally settled with MindNode Pro, and love it. Highly recommended. A lot more usable than XMind (which is what I'd tried before now)


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MindNode Pro
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  1. I have +Alfie Goodrich to thank for that – a post of his on Facebook page led me to his blog, where I then saw that the article had originated on Google+ (and before that from his brain/hands/camera).

    Thanks to this Google+Blog plugin, my website has just been had a whole bunch of new posts added, and no longer feels redundant. I always want to update it, but the time/effort involved…

    Google+ has a much lower barrier. I just have to remember to add a suitable first line that will become the blog post title (and therefore URL).

    Thanks Alfie!