Taking part in Peeta Planet Social Travel TV Series

I first met Peyman and Mohamed at TEDxTokyo 2011 – they’d sent us a mail out of the blue asking if they could attend. Whilst we receive a lot of these kinds of emails (and can only grant seats to a limited number of them) there was something about the mail from these emirate brothers […]

Was a lot of fun to film this

Good to see other familiar faces too. Reshared post from +Peeta Planet – A Social Travel Series It's here! PeetaPlanet™ Episode 05: Tokyo has arrived for your enjoyment. There are TWO exclusive Minisodes only available online as well. Don't miss it! Cheers! +Otaku Mode +Joseph Tame Embedded Link PeetaPlanet™ Episode 05: Tokyo (NEW EPISODE!!!) This is […]