The journey continues

I’ve made good progress this past week in terms of figuring out what it is I need to be doing. I’m not rushing the process, but rather, allowing myself to remain in certain states of mind for a couple of days, subconsciously meditating on a particular idea, and then reflecting on how it makes me […]

The mentalist

Time seems to have sped-up recently. Another week over – seems it was only yesterday that it was Monday. Perhaps that’s what happens when you make a conscious effort to make the most of each and every day. It was an interesting week. I had another three meetings with friends and acquaintances to discuss the […]


Been continuing to push ahead with the changes needed. One thing that’s been on my mind is the need to exercise. I didn’t run at all in June, being ‘too busy’ for it. Well, that’s no excuse, it just needs to be prioritised. Thus this morning I was up at 5am, restarting my Gympact membership […]


Picture of the day – Boris got the shock of his life when he woke up and found he was a drain hole cover. So, it was Sunday today. A good Sunday. It began in a relaxed fashion – watching some movie trailers. I’ve recently started using our Apple TV, which until now has been […]