The original plan for a website started to pull itself together when I was half asleep in an old apartment somewhere in Istanbul. Lucid pictures of being able to keep in touch with friends and family whilst on the road merged into strange dreams of Italian wallpaper and real oak floors. Later that day (after I'd discovered that the dreams were in fact the reality of the room I'd rented for $4 off a strange old lady) I headed for a Youth Hostel, where I spent 4 hours setting up my first truly awful homepage.

Since then, things have come on a little. In the summer of 2000 I had a mad idea to have my huge PC shipped over from England to my home, which at that time was over 2000 metres up in the Swiss Alps.

With invaluble software support and advice provided by a good friend, I set about designing the first draft of Tame Goes Wild. Two months later it was more-or-less finished, and my right arm was more-or-less a right-off due to over use of the mouse. Since then I've overhauled it a few times, and it has become a part of my general work-in-progress for when I'm famous and need to quickly write my biography before I peg it.

It's aimed in particular at an audience that has lots of money and who wish to fund my future travels. Email me if you fit into this category. I accept credit cards but only if you send me your actual plastic with PIN on a post-it note.

A later addition to the site was The Daily Mumble. This is essentially my online diary.

The site can be broken down into a few main catagories with a few other bits sticking out of the side. The first section is naturally all about me, that's About the Tame. There you'll find lots of amazing facts and figures, as well as a brief history, my feelings on the rat race and how chocolate makes me happy. My education wasn't exactly normal - have a look at how thoroughly I have failed to explain why I felt it was so good. Finally, there's the story of how Epilepsy changed my life forever by tipping me over the edge - thank god for mental illness!

In Tame's Tales you'll find many a story from since I was a wee nipper to the present day. This is where my pre-February 2002 travel stories reside too...

You'll also find over 10,000 photos lurking in the depths of this site. I have a passion for photography which began many years ago. I was 7-years-old when Dad first lent me his Olympus OM10, telling me to take great care of it.... which I did... until he dropped it in the sea.

When I packed my rucksack and sold my house in 2000, I crawled the web for information that might help me on my hitchiking trip to Australia (I got stuck in Switzerland). What I found was that there was a lot of info out there but a hell of a lot of junk too. Here's the most useful sites if you want to live or work abroad.

If you have anything you want to say to me then out with it! Alternatively, if you don't want to say it to my face sign my guestbook!

My thanks to Mr. K for hosting this site in the early years and for the invaluble software support and the general help and advice. I would also like to thank Dan Hill for his patience and opinions in the early days.

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