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Aniela Zylinski Morris


Praise Joseph, the wondrous one, worship Joseph, the almighty one!

(Well, you did ask for some praise and I see no-one else on the guest book has bothered!)

Seriously, congratulations on completing your access course - Sheffield here you come!!!

We DEFINITELY must catch up before you go, even if it's for a little drinky in the pub.

Aniela xxx

10th June 2004


many thanks for the praise Aniela!! I know, I’m so clever!! My tutor was horrified to discover that I managed to finish so soon! I’m now busy adapting my head to a summery way of thinking, whIch still involves studying (Japanese) but in a far more relaxed manner, with dollops of (gardening) work thrown in for good measure, oh, and redecorating the bathroom.

right must get on. Got to put all my college notes from the past year in the loft. Hurray!!!


We SHALL meet up over the summer - I shall make sure of it!


Jason Cheeky Fletcher


hey joe (yes Joe) [he means "Joseph" - ed] stop altering my messages :)

i understand that m8

i guess messenger progs do help waste time ... but its only another version of a conversation :) and i know u like nothing than talking about how the world revolves :) kk ill stop pestering you :) goodluck n all Jase <~~ yes Jase not Jas{on}

6th June 2004



You see that's the beauty of having complete control - I can put words in your mouth!

p.s I'm thinking of renaming this Guestbook "Fletcher's Mumble"...


Jason Fletcher (Cheeky Bugger)


heya jo[s]e[ph]

no offence like m8 :) but id like some on here so i dont have to tell ya no i aint booked my flights yet by sending u a mail or signing ya guestbook :) its jus like a slow messenger that everyone can browse :) anyhow jus looking into visas now but aint leaving for a few months yet, plans still up in the air at the mo and aint planning on catching jus yet l8ers m8 (and u should know I AM a cheeky git!)

6th June 2004


Hi jason,

About two years ago this guestbook was completely open to the public. You could just come along, write your message and 'Ping!' Hey presto it was there.

Unfortunately however, one of my 'friends' decided to abuse the system somewhat, by putting messages up that caused me a lot of pain and embarrassment. It was then that I decided to change the system, so that all messages come to me in the form of an email, which I then copy onto TGW. This method also prevents spam ads from being posted.

ALSO I loathe messenger services! I think they encourage people to waste far too much time, time that could be better spent creating an amazing homepage like TGW and filling it with waffle!


Aniela Zylinski Morris


Joseph, have you forgotten US? I am now officially an avid follower of The Daily Mumble but it hasn't been updated since 4th May!!!

No pressure or anything... but just to say I'm looking forward to the next instalment of wise words and photos!

Good to catch up with you the other week, by the way.

Love Aniela x

28th May 2004


hello!! thanks for your message.

4th May? Really? Ah, hang on – did you know that the Daily Mumble actually works in the opposite direction to most blogs? I add new entries to the bottom of the page, becase that way when looking at the archives etc it makes sense – in chronological order you know.

But still, you’re absolutely right, I haven’t updated it for ages, a week in fact, which is a long time in Mumble land. I’ve been snowed under with stuff but aim to do a bit of writing tonight, so if you check back on Sunday there should be something there!!

It really was great to see you, and everyone else. I was surprised at how little people had changed, and yet also how much. I felt reassured knowing that the relationships I had with friends from over ten years back have not withered or faded in the slightest. I really delighted  in the company of all that were there.

It was also great to see Matt again, he’s such a good bloke. So easy to get on with and bloody funny too.

anyway, if it’s Mumble you want, I must get on!!joseph xx


Jason Fletcher


oi joe[seph] setup a forum so any travellers / backpackers can all get together let us know how they are getting on any little stories etc come on it all doesnt have to be based around u does it :D

26th May 2004


you cheeky bugger! If I had the time I'd like to - but I'm a hard-working student you know!! Actually, I think that there are many of those kinds of websites out there already - even has a bulletin-board type section.

Have you booked your flights yet?


Aniela Zylinski Morris


Hiya Joe, only me! You are so lucky, bumping into my all-time favourite paramedic Josh.... anyway, before I get too carried away, may I just ask how you're doing? We really must meet up in Bristol soon! Or next time you have wheels, come on over, man!

Love Aniela x

PS We're getting a kitten soon! Am very excited.

21st April 2004


Hi Aniela - email winging its way to you as I type!!!


Jason Fletcher


Alright bud!


m8... im shitting myself! im working as a postman and ive managed to save £4,500 so far! Damn australia is looking close ...

i forgot how exciting the unknown can be!
(loose)plans are August for me and im off to oz! then New Z Thailand Goa Malaysia India Bali im jus gonna have a good old explore! but ffs! .. scary prospect! :D cya around m8 if ya got msn lemme know!

20th April 2004


Hi Jason good to hear from ya! It's been ages!!

Wow - £4,500? That's absolutely excellent, congrats indeed! I knew you'd always get it together!!

Must say I'm a bit jealous - having just gone bankrupt! Keep me updated on your plans - I'll be following you around the world via cyberspace one way or another!

take care and see ya later!!




Just another gullible halfwit doin the digital surf from the US. I'm actual a Tame myself, which is why I'm takin the time to comment.

Props to you for your surname.

Hang ten.

23rd March 2004


Hi Wildwoman. Props to me for my surname? Erm, thankyou?


a) British
b) averse to American television

I'm afraid I haven't a clue what "Props" might mean. I guess you're not talking about stage props right? They're neither positive or negative in my mind. Of course "Props" could be short for "Propellers", but once again unless it's the Propellorheads we're talking about (with their velvet pants and Baja California tunes) I find them pretty neutral too.

AHHH hang on, I've found it thanks to Google:

1. props -- (proper respect; "I have to give my props to the governor for the way he handled the problem").

Well thank you for your proper respect. Very kind of you. I didn't actually choose my name by the way, I think mum and dad picked it up in a car boot sale shortly after I was born.

"Hang ten"? Now I have heard that before but I can't for the life of me think what it means. It's not in the Oxford English Dictionary...

Ah! Here we are, from

The problem is though, I live in Bristol, which is inland. The biggest surf we get is caused by the Bristol ferry which chugs around the canals. I'm sure if I did a "hang ten" manoeuvre, i.e. hung all ten toes over the edge of my surfboard, I'd sink. I mean, here's a photo of me at my most skillful with a surfboard:

And believe me, the size of that wave was positively scary.

Still, I'll do my best to "Hang ten" today in any case. At college. There's quite a large puddle outside my maths class.

See ya!


Lisa Robinson


Hello lover,

just thought i'd check you out again! Nice to see you're doing well, will be in touch soon! Great site! xx

5th March 2004


Lisa my love always a pleasure to hear from you!! As you can see I haven't really changed all that much, just as mad as ever, the Mr. Josefu that I am... xxx




Mr Tame, Mr Tame,

nice site (though slightly scary, which is nice!), but more importantly, cheers muchly for the praise of the stories at Not sure if Tony D has already thanked you but I thought I'd put in my pennyworth for the fun of it. It's either that or Penguin bloody Baseball and I need a rest from that...

Not as a shameless plug (uh-huh..!) but more because I think you'll enjoy it, you might like to know that there are two new animations (one by me and one by Tony D aka Cloister) on the site which you may find entertaining... All comments appreciated, and we have a guestbook on our site (well, more of a forum actually) which we'd be honoured if you [finish your sentences for you? - ed]



P.S. Do BT do a special call package for cucumbers? "Cucumis Sativus Talk 60 Pay as you Go" (ok, so I'm mixing my metaphors but hey..)

22nd February 2004


You know, I'm gonna have to start charging you guys for advertising soon. By my calculations there's at least SIX links from TGW to now. Ah, make that seven.

Scary? What's scary about TGW? I guess that video of me putting a bit of skintight rubber on is a little freaky.

I shall be taking another trip to blokey land in the very near future, and shall of course add a few indiscreet plugs to TGW in order to ease the burden of guilt that you must be feeling at using up so much of my server space.

Oh, about the cucumber talkplan: called BT this morning, they said they have one for root vegetables but have yet to extend the service to greenhouse plants due to diplomatic issues arising from the objection by gherkins to antennas.




Mr gravity and a new lamp conspired to smash my iBook. Well it was just open and waiting to happen. £455 spent and some weeks later it's now perhaps better than new. So now on line and broadband in the dream city of Milton Keynes I read about your visit to Sheffield.

It is a small world! I know the place, the campus, and feel I know that building so well! The description of your visit, brought back a vivid memory of being so in love there decades ago, way, way back in the last century! And an unexpected declaration of love from someone else... So then, was there to be the three of us? Also, Japanese bamboo flutes, (and we know what they can mean) Texas, California and even Cumbria in the 18th Century as well as the Japanese Department at Sheffield are all part of a wonderful international affair.

Other memories also flood back about Sheffield. The friend I hitch hiked to Kathmandu with in 1966, before electricity got there and the year before the word "Hippie" was coined, later, partly because of me, lived in Sheffield, and when the late Angela Carter once taught at the university she lived in his house there. A Korean conscientious objector and I, who I first met on a Quaker work camp in Korea, sought help from the "progressive", sort of powers that were at the university. I remember some young, quite friendly Sheffield kids once asked me on a back street if my Korean friend was an Eskimo. It was cold and he was wearing the hood up, lined with wolf fur of an American parka. A stranger, an old granny, overheard them and told them not to be so bloody rude! I remember thinking at the time, that it was so very un-Japanese , but I loved her for it.

Is that strange rotating lifting device on campus called something like a "paganosta" ?

Peace and Rub, JOHN-JOHN

P.S.Hope to see you soon and congratulations about Sheffield!

22nd February 2004


Dear John-John,

You know I've searched the web high and low for more info on that rather bizarre lift system, but can't find anything on it. Sadly, "paganosta" yields no results either.

I’m VERY glad to here that your iBook is better now. It is only right that it stays in the family without being consigned to the dustbin having shared the joys of the kichijoji landscape with you.

I’m surprised that I can’t recall us talking about your connections with Sheffield University during our former lifetime in the land where unsuspecting gaijin fathers and sons are pounced upon to test seatbelts and airbags outside railway stations.

I find it somewhat reassuring that you do have such a variety of happy memories attached to the place that will become my home for the next few years. I really loved the department in its “unique” tower; I loved the campus, the city, the tram, the friendly people… oooh I can’t wait!!!

Anyway, I must get on with yet another assignment, this one being a piece of research into whether our cretinous government will be influencing the choices future students make about what courses they apply to at University by introducing top-up fees. Any thoughts on that one welcome.

Love to you in MK, centre of the world,



Sarah Kennedy


Congrats Joseph!!!!!!

U deserve it, hope it's everything you wish for n more!

17th February 2004


Is that really you? Wow, two emails from sixth friends in as many days! (see below).

I am guessing that you are referring to my university offer? Thankyou, yes, I am pretty chuffed! What are you up to these days? Where are you? Do get in touch!!I hope you're well and happy.

much love, josephxxx




Hi Joe! It's Lisa here (from sixth form) just found your photo gallery, that must be the most unflattering photo of myself i've ever seen!! cheers!

But what a trip down memory lane!

All my love... Leighxxxxxxx

[email address provided]

16th February 2004


Hello Lisa / Leigh! Is this the photo you're talking about?! How on Earth did you find it out here on the web? I don't think it's that bad! At least, not half as bad as some of the photos of me that there are out there! Feel free to provide a more recent photo and I'll add it to that page for a "then" and "now" comparison!

Lovely to hear from you anyway, it's been years - 10 in fact!

Take care, lots of love xxx




Thanks for the picture of my foxy hero Basil Brush, its going on my wall.

Any chance of some sheepy pictures in the gallery, the Herefordshire strain can be very pretty.

9th February 2004


Now now vicar lets not get too excited. People might start to mistake Tame Goes Wild for another sort of site that deals with the taming of wild animals. But, having just done a Google search for "sheep" within TGW I have found the following pages that you may be interested in:

See you soon!


Vicky - Singapore


Hello Joseph,

Thought I'd write back, seeing you gave me a 'lovely'?! mention in your diary (although we've never met!). I've been trawling through some of the 3,000 pictures, which has kept me amused during office hours. Great website! I can only dream of how many man hours its taken to create this thing....also daunting as I am a complete techno-phobe.

Pls continue to keep me amused at work...


5th February 2004


Vicky Hello, feels like I've known you for years. We have met actually, but you probably were too overcome by the sheer beauty of my patchwork jeans to look up. Selene's told me so much about you. Well, she hasn't actually, she just said that, er, what was her description of you..? oh yeah, here it is, "she's a Brit and a very fit girl". Now of course that kind of language is far too risque for the Daily Mumble (the love life of earthworms is about as far as I can go down that road) which is why I resorted to comparing you to Basil Brush. Now come on - how often does that happen eh? Being described as foxier than the nation's favourite fox. That's a compliment most people can only dream of.

"Trawling" through some of my photos eh? Gosh, you make it sound like such fun. I hope you don't work in advertising. Hhm, I try to avoid thinking about how many man hours it's taken to create this "thing". What you have to remember is that I lived up a mountain for about two years with nothing but a computer and alcohol for company.

I can't promise anything regarding amusement. And you don't get your Tame Goes Wild badge until you've viewed all 1,195 pages.



Tony D


Mr Tame,

I would like to bring your attention to

I Think you have been here before, at least Trudie says you have been, so I am redirecting you here because I have a new anim up there called Stickman Army.

Go to Stories, then stickman army.

Let me know what you reckon.


2nd February 2004


Truly a masterpiece. Seamless scene changes, expert use of soundtrack, a storyline that demands a feature-film be made of it. What else can I say? if you haven't visited, you don't know the reason the internet was created.

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