It’s back! #iRun (Taken with instagram)

Setting her satnav before departure (Taken with instagram)

Don’t focus on the lights (Taken with instagram)

If ever there was a candidate for a mannequin that came to life at night, it’s this girl in Roppongi Hills. (Taken with instagram)

Watching our pizza being made (Taken with instagram)

北の丸公園 Kitanomaru Park (Taken with instagram)

ヘリコプターと富士山 Helicopter in Mt. Fuji flyby (Taken with instagram)

Tokyo lights up (Taken with instagram)

今晩の日の入り。東京と富士山。Tonight’s Tokyo Sunset, with mt. Fuji (Taken with instagram)

Autumn Red (Taken with instagram)

Quite a grand location for a car-boot sale: Yasukuni Shrine (Taken with instagram)

Last glimpse of English skies (Taken with instagram)

Scandinavian Sunset (Taken with instagram)

Bank of cloud smothers an English sunrise (Taken with instagram)

Sign in dad’s greenhouse (retired head teacher) (Taken with instagram)

The Moulin Rouge (Taken with instagram)

Nephew Edward (Taken with instagram)

Nephew Edward (Taken with instagram)

Tame Siblings (Taken with instagram)

Paris Highway (Taken with instagram)

Can’t get over how sleek this new design looks from this angle.

Wi but no Fi (Taken with instagram)

The Eiffel Tower illuminates the night sky (Taken with instagram)

Kevin Systrom – creator of Instagram @kevin (Taken with Instagram at La Villa)

President Sarkozy (Taken with Instagram at Palais de l’Élysée)

Invitation to the presidential reception (Taken with instagram)

#ArtOfRunning: Recovery in Ishinomaki

A repost from my site My latest Art of Running project saw me back up in Tohoku, the region of Japan so badly hit by the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. During last month’s trip to Sendai for TEDxTohoku, we made time to visit Ishinomaki, a fishing town that had both industrial and residential areas […]

Bern (Taken with instagram)

Awesome lion / naked mannequin combo (Taken with instagram)

The Swiss Cat (Taken with instagram)

Novel choice for a souvenir from Japan! (Taken with instagram)

To prevent any possible confusion amongst baggage handlers at LHR (Taken with instagram)

BIG banana @ Starbucks (Taken with instagram)

Thanks Steve. You will be missed.

I was shocked, and very sad to hear of the news of Steve Jobs’ death earlier today. Steve was not only a visionary in terms of technical innovation and design. but also an inspiration in terms of his attitude towards life – and death. His passion has had a major impact upon my life, changing […]

Wild Tame Co., Ltd, and the Apple

It’s been a busy week – and it’s only Wednesday! Just a quick blog post to mark a special event – the founding of Wild Tame Co., Ltd. We completed the registration process yesterday, with the help of our consultant, Kaori Fuchi. So what does this mean in practical terms? Not much as far as […]

New site for my tech projects:

As a freelance worker with plenty of work on, it’s difficult to make time for non-client (personal) projects. There’s always something to be done for one of my paying jobs; taking time out for non-essential stuff that doesn’t pay the bills is hard to do. This is reflected in the neglect we’ve seen in these […]

Art of Running in R25

Finally, I’ve made it to the gadget pages! Little article appeared in this week’s edition of R25 magazine (circulation 150,000 I believe) featuring my Art of Running project, includes the cute little picture of Hello Kitty from earlier in the year.

Meiji Jingu Fireworks Display

A few photos taken from the balcony tonight of the fireworks display at Meiji Jingu. I’m quite impressed by what even relatively cheap cameras are capable of these days – these were taken 2.5 miles/4km from the launch site.

Tokyo Veranda Harvest Leads to Epic Salad Showdown

It had been a couple of days since the last harvest from our balcony garden, and with yesterday’s bright sunshine I knew that this morning we’d see a bumper crop. I wasn’t wrong there. However, what I wasn’t expecting was this: As soon as I’d turned my back, the Red Pepper Brigade (led by the […]

Ramping Up

Good morning world. Sunday morning here in Tokyo and I’m sitting at my desk looking out across the city. The past few days have been a little cooler than earlier in the month when even just sitting still resulted in sweating like crazy. We’re still managing fine without the air-conditioners though – having almost a […]

Art of Running: 50km Tokyo Heart shows my true feelings for the city

This is a repost of an entry I originally wrote for my running blog here. On April 22nd 2011 I undertook the longest Art of Running challenge that I have attempted to date: a 50km heart around the city that I love. Inside of the heart I then drew a the character ‘心’ which means […]

Tokyo Marathon 2011 final report (better late than never!)

It’s been almost 6 months now since I completed the Tokyo Marathon 2011 whilst wearing the iRun. Following the big day itself I needed at least a week to get over the physical and psychological trauma that I had inflicted upon myself through carrying out this stunt – and then just as I was about […]

Audio Diary: Running, Freelance Projects, Diet, Tomatoes

Sunset over Tokyo, taken from our balcony Finally, after 9 years online, the Daily Mumble is becoming just that – a daily mumble! Below are a number of audio diary entries I’ve recorded over the past few days, and all are very mumble-esque in nature. They cover a wide range of topics that are at […]


The last 6 months have been pretty hardcore, with overlapping projects meaning no time for a break. However, we did finally manage to take a few days off (3!) and get away to Hokkaido, one place I’ve been wanting to get back to since the summer of 2002 when I spent three months there working […]

TEDxTokyo 2011

I first got involved with TEDxTokyo in early 2010, invited by a friend to lead a backstage live stream team. The two of us had been doing quite a bit of livestreaming over the previous 6 months, and through that (well, through the Tokyo Marathon project to be precise) had established contact with Ustream’s US […]