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Welcome to my September 2004 photo album from England & Wales

21st Birthday Celebration

It was a great event, almost dream like in its surreal nature. Meeting all those folks who each inhabit an important part in my memory of childhood... it was a night that will not be forgotten

(I was feeling terribly photographic however, so the few photos shown here are quite random in their nature!)

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Greta, founder of the Hereford Waldorf School

the tent gathering
vicky, jessie and jamie
the band

with billy salisbury leading the way

davril owens
ben and ben
jeremy owens the cheeky chap

jesse guest

marc and angela
liz andrews, maddy salisbury
nick bulmer, shinji nakamura, and ...?
the legendary Richard Wilson
robert bolsius and jenny guy
roy and diccon
ruth keenan
susie, jessie, jamie and a proud grandmother
tim, his name's tim... (must remember that)
vicky hamilton-ross

To read the stories that accompany these photos, click here

This Album: Page [one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six]

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