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Welcome to my May 2006 photo album from England

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The Arts Tower Series:
A series of images aiming to show
the hidden talents of the tallest
university building in the UK, which also
happens to house my department

Image 1: Following years of calls
for more classrooms, the university
finally gives in to SEAS, by extending
the Arts Tower

Image 2: Apex. Ouch

Image 3: Disintegration
Image 4: AT melts under the hot English Sun
Image 5: Pure Lines

Image 5: Skewed? part 1
Image 6: Skewed? part 2
Image 7: Heavenly Glow
Arts Tower Mobile

...and don't we know it
"Darling, I thought it would be nice if
we had a mural on the wall..."
"Oh, yes, how about something nice and bright,
some flowers or something..."
"Well actually dear I was thinking of something
more along the lines of a pack of vultures"

This Album: Page [one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] [eight] flickr

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