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Welcome to my July 2003 photo album from England.

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The best almost-free party in the whole world:
Bristol's Orange Ashton Court Festival

you are now entering the venue














sheer madness








blurred but still a damn fine photo,
don't you think?







the gang in front of the main stage






Beatles Tribute band, whose name I forget. In fact I probably never remembered it in the first place. Very nice.






it's that noodle bar again - I've seen it before... (and working behind the flags I found three old school friends - small world!)







watch the baby with the can of cider







Orange space hopper racing







space hopper push chair









nice hats. Would go down great at Ascot.







my Spanish freind in her Orange poncho







nice hair - but where's the Orange?









joseph and co monkey dancing








he is a monkey!
(what I want to know is who did I
give my camera to?!)













This album: page [one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] [eight]

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