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Joseph Tame
Billy Salisbury and Robin Owens
Joe in his fantastically sexy outfit
Watch out Billy - Robin's a tough one!
Ben Danks, Rachel Gunn, Joseph Tame, Billy Salisbury, Jesse Guest, ?, Aniela Zylinski, Katie Jones
From top-left: Ben Allen, Jesse Guest, Dajana Such, Billy Salisbury, Marta(?), Joseph, Eva Papadakis, Rosie Moston, Michael Jones, Aniela Zylinski, Marc Cove
Comic Relief, early 1990s
Our class in the summer

Joseph playing Scrooge
Billy Salisbury and Jesse Guest
Billy and Jesse provide the music
Eva Papadakis and Rosie Moston
Eva and Rosie
Jesse Guest
Jo Kirk
Jesse Guest
Jo Kirk
From Left: Ben allen, Billy Salisbury, Jo Kirk, Michael Jones
Jo Kirk and Rosie Moston
On the swings
Typical Jo!
Toby Dog
All ready for school
Me with a great head of hair
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