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Welcome to my March 2002 photo album from Japan.

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Russ and Emmie
This weekend saw us taking a trip down to visit Emmie and Russ (right, NOT above) in Shimoda. On the way there we saw many unusual characters, such as harry the Orange Gorilla.
Russ and Emmie, outside Russ's English school,
Blossom English Centre.
The Mob
Is it a stone? Is it a monster? We'll never know.
A stroll along the shoreline: Michael, Russ, Emmie,
John John and Kae.
A spot of beachcombing resulted in a mystifying find: A big leather thing that was far too heavy for 3 people to lift. Perhaps it was a leather-bomb...
Hello, I'm Harry the crab
slurp squidge slurp
Harry the crab made a special effort to crawl out of his rockpool to see me.
Another first for me: Sea Slugs. They are pretty grotesque, and squirt purple ink when threatened as shown here. The one on the left is about 15 - 20cm long.
Seaweed drying
He forgot to put on his moisturiser before popping off down the shops...
Seaweed drying is tiring work, as can be seen here (note the chap sleeping on the left)
Salt and vinegar with the fish guv?
looks delicious
Kae on the beach
A lovely big Stag-Beetle-to-be, one of the three that
Russ and Emmie are rearing.
hello harry. hello larry.
Fresh dolphin meat
(cheer up)
Fresh dolphin meat in a local supermarket, Shimoda.
Michael and the twins
John John the silent
Michael and his cousins
John John and Michael's Aunt
Michael's uncle
Always down the monkey holes...
Michael's Uncle
John John and monkey-obsessed dog
To read the stories that accompany these photos, click here

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