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Welcome to my July 2002 photo album from Japan.

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Hello Kitty!
Our local, er, "Character". This lady (45 going on 15) can often be seen cruising the streets on her Hello Kitty scooter. Note the long blonde hair! She asked me if I wanted to join her for a ride down to the river - sadly I was unable to accept her offer as I was shortly due to start work...
As revealed in The Daily Mumble, Harry and Larry have been in my dreams of late, along with their cousin Barry
Eiko and I, as caught on camera by our guests from Hong Kong
The owner and a guest, Lorinda, making jam
Eiko "Cheshire Cat" Hasegawa and myself, as photographed by our guests, Lorinda and her husband
The owner and our guest Lorinda, making jam

This album: Page [one] [two] [three]

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