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Name: Ann and Chris Tame
Message: A late message (only 4 months) wishing you Jessie and Danny all the love in the world (from here in oz). It'd be good to catch up one day sometime. Hope your marriage is strong and fulfilling for you both. Luv Ann and Chris

10th February 2003

Name: Katy
Message: Jessie is the best

8th February 2003

Name: nerys
Message: now im getting round to doing this, time keeping never been a speciallity of mine! The photo looks fabulose and its nice to be able to finally visualise Danny. Nice catch. There's no hope for me as of yet, but it doesnt prevent me from looking. I've got some wicked photos from the 'LLain' days, take me another year to master that on computer, a bit behind with the times. You've Wally to thank that this has finally arrived, I'm using his facilitis, he wishes you the best as well.

Enjoy, I'm sure Danny there never be a dull moment with Jess in your life.
love nerys
3rd February 2003

Name:Heather Salisbury
Message: Congratulations both!
Jessie it was very strange looking through those photo's because I probably haven't seen you since you were about 14! You looked wonderful, if not a little more grown up than I remember.
Hope you're blissfully happy,
love Heather x
Wednesday, 11th December 2002

Name: Rachel and Kevin Tame
Message: Your wedding pics looked like a typical tame turnout, full of fun and pleasure. We wish you both the lovliest journey in life together and hope that we catch up one day to be a small part in it.

Name: Mr sarah
Message: Hi to you both. I was looking on here for sarah, wow great wedding, you both looked ever so happy.good luck to you both.

Message: Dear Jess, Congratulations on your wedding. I am locumming at Abingdon at the moment. Lovely to see your photo. Love Laurie.

Name: Jasper Latham

Message: Many congratulations to you both..to be is to wed ..to wed is to be! best wishes...jaz-de-man-OT
Tuesday, 24th September 2002

Name: Angela Green (social services)

Message: I had to stop reading , my eyes were going all misty ! The wedding, the life sounds fabulous, envious just doesn't cover it. I'm so pleased for you (even though I didn't meet your 'husband' (aahhhhhh - does it sound weird?) Can't wait to see the photos - the rest of the team say hello, but you know what they're like with computers! lots of love for a fantastic life angela xx
Tuesday, 24th September 2002

Name: Maggie (OT office Abingdon)

Message: Dearest Jess & Danny My thoughts were with you both on your special day - I hope it was a day you will hold in your hearts and will always treasure. I wish you both health and every happiness for your future life together and hope your every wish comes true. Big hugs and lots of love to you both Maggie xxxx
Tuesday, 24th September 2002

Name: Auntie Anne, Diana, Tim, Maxine, Steve and Steven

Message: Our best wishes to Jessie and Danny for your wedding day. We will be thinking of you and we hope that you have a wonderful day. All our love from Auntie Anne, Diana, Tim, Maxine, Steve and Steven (Danny's relatives in Hemel Hempstead)
Sunday, 22nd September 2002

Name: Amorita Jones

Message: Jessie, I am so happy for you! I wish I could actually be there. Your deserve the best that life has to offer. As a dear friend, you have touched my life greatly. Your smiling face will brighten up all of England today. With Love Amorita
Saturday, 21st September 2002

Name: jane finch

Message: Congratualtions to Tom and Barbara?!! Jess and Danny you make a lovely couple! Thinking of you on your special day... Wishing you all special things for your future as you grow and the GOOD LIFE to you, your animals, plants and flowers and of course your children... with love and sunshine, Jane xxx
Saturday, 21st September 2002

Name: Keith, Roni, Robbie & Lorna

Message: Wishing you both all the love and luck in the world
Friday, 20th September 2002

Name: Paul and Janet (Oxford)

Message: We would like to wish you all the best and much happiness together for may years to come. I hope that you enjoy your special day and that you are both happy, of course that includes the rest of the gang especially Arthur and Rosie!! I hope that you are both content to be located down there on the south coast a lot nearer the sea, with fresh air a higher standard of living and basically out of the Oxford Rat Race!! I'm extremely envious- there certainly appears to be a migration of gardeners and those of that ilke to the warmer more pleasant southern green lands. Enjoy your day - the first day of the rest of your lives together.
Friday, 20th September 2002

Name: Michaela Huish

Message: To Jessie and Danny, Hope you have a fantastic day on the 21st. September and that the sun will shine for you both. I have many happy memories of you, me and Sarah making dens and pretending to cook meals over pretend camp fires. Best wishes to you both With love, Michaela. and special wishes from Myfanwy, William, Steve, Jamie, Robbie and Charlotte.
Thursday, 19th September 2002

Name: Pam

Message: Hi there.... I think I am one of those friends that popped into Jess's life for a couple of months and then popped out again. But we had loads of fun, getting up to mischief at Cosham Nursing home. I am from Cape Town (South Africa), and was in the UK in 1999 on an adventurous working holiday. We got lumped in a flat together with 2 other characters. Surgical nurse who was into her leathers and biking and another OT Student (who was almost invisible because she was so skinny). Me and Jess just clicked, as some friends do, together with our Chinese friend - Christine. What I remember the most - is Jess's divine Birthday Chocolate Cake, my "glow in the dark stars", Christine Frog green car, and of course Jess's determination to run up Cosham Hill after work (almost every evening), even in the drizzle. Wow - Danny - you are going to have endless days of fun with Jess around. To the both of you - wishing you loads and loads of happiness, special memories and a Blessed Future Together. Lots of Love Pam Your OT friend in the door "Next door" at Cosham Alexander hospital.
Wednesday, 18th September 2002

Name: Georgie Furneaux

Message: Dear, Danny & Jessica, Very best wishes to you both. As the years turn their pages may they be happy ones. Love Georgie
Wednesday, 18th September 2002

Name: Mum and John

Message: I told you Dan, that one day you'd meet A lovely girl who is kind and sweet, To be beside you through your life You've really found a lovely wife! Congratulations and all the luck in the world. from Mum and John.
Wednesday, 18th September 2002

Name: Sarah Schramm

Message: A poem by Sarah Schramm, written for Jessie and Danny, with lots of love. Just as the light of a candle fills every part of a room, the love of two people fills every part of each others lives. The love people have for these two people fills the universe.
Wednesday, 18th September 2002

Name: Sue, Tony and the Pussies.

Message: Dear Jess and Danny, We will be thingking of you on the 21st and wishing you all the best for a long and happy life together. Hope to catch up with you for another Portugese supper in the near future. Take care and have a great holiday. Lots of love , Sue, Tony and the Pussies.
Wednesday, 18th September 2002

Name: Wrinkly Father Peter

Message: Hi beautiful crazy dancing daughter Jessie and big hunk "take 'er off yer hands mate" Danny! Have just come in from the compost heap and offered compost flavoured artistic advice to mother Anne, who is 'building' the Wedding Cake. A difficult sight, as I am on yet another bulge busting diet, so that I can pig myself at your wedding and drink all your homemade beer while you are away on honeymoon. I am also planning on eating your chickens and cooking your pets. Only six and a half days to go - this means that I can now permanently rent out your bedroom Jessie, ruin every Christmas by visiting you for the week, and give unsolicited and opinionated advice to you Danny on everything I know nothing about. I fell in love with Anne forty years ago and am still passionately in love with her. I hope that both of you, wrinkly, doubly incontinent, absent-minded, deaf and doddery, will be able to share into old age what we now share (Anne objects to the 'doubly incontinent' bit, and has intimated that not all the forty years have been exactly idyllic). You are very lucky not to be marrying me and very lucky to be marrying each other, which is just as well because I am already married to Anne! Anne, in her usual 'devil may care' approach to our diminishing finances, has impetuously splashed out on her wedding outfit, having spent - wait for it - £3.00, yes 300 pence, at the Martha Trust Charity Shop, and Yes, as usual she looks a million dollars like my daughters. For myself, I am planning to iron a handkerchief (I discovered the iron last week), and will find some trousers without safety pins. When people ask me, will it be a big wedding?, I can honestly reply "No, it's a small Wedding for two big people" - big in heart, big in fun and big in hopes for the future. I now have to think about which of the nice things to select to say about you, without embarrassing the family. So when did I NOT embarrass the family?! We are very much looking forward to seeing you two lovely people in a few days' time. Strength and hugs and giggles and love to you both, Daddy Splodge xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Saturday, 14th September 2002

Name: Cake Baker and Mother

Message: This time next week you will be an 'old' married couple, at least by a few hours! Congratulations!!!! I am looking forward to seeing the radiant bride and great new son-in-law! I wish you both a long and fulfilled life together, with a full measure of strength, patience, courage and love for each other through all the years to come. Much love, Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Saturday, 14th September 2002

Name: Malcolm & Sue

Message: We could never forgive ourselves if we wrote you a sensible message. Danny, you cannot trust this woman with a pair of slippers! And don't buy her a bicycle because you will never see her again! Jessie we are honoured to have shared your growing up from a child through to a crazy teenager and beyond to become a beautiful woman. We hope you are both incredibly happy together. With love, Malcolm & Sue.
Wednesday, 11th September 2002

Name: Aniela & Matt (Zylinski-Morris)

Message: From one set of newly weds to another - congratulations!! This is the first we heard of a TAME wedding! Have a WILD time! (Ho Ho..) Anyway. Hope all goes well, we know how stressful planning a wedding can be. Don't forget to enjoy the day! This on line guest book is a brilliant idea, well done Joe for that. We'll be thinking of you. Lots of love and warm wishes for the future, Aniela & Matt xxx
Saturday, 7th September 2002

Name: Andrea and Adrian

Message: Congratulations Jess and Danny, wishing you all the best for the future. This must be destiny if Danny actually likes Jess's cooking...just don't ever serve him peas, sweetcorn, floor pastry and trifle on the same plate Jess! Have fun, enjoy your lives together, lots of love Andrea and Adrian xx
Thursday, 5th September 2002

Name: Andy W (O.C.C)

Message: Hi Dan Wishing both of you all best on your BIG day. Look forward to seeing the photos of the day Good Luck..
Thursday, 5th September 2002

Name: Aunty Veronks and Thomas

Message: Jessie and Danny - so glad to hear your news! Can't wait to see the photos courtesy of Joe. You are doing the Good Life at the right time - before you get too used to being lazy and comfortable ;) Glad to hear you are including rescued animals in your family - hope you enjoy them as much as we are enjoying our rescued lurcher, Zara. Hope to catch up with your news at Christmas, if not before - that should give you time to get over the wedding!
Tuesday, 3rd September 2002

Name: stephen

Message: Its good to see you together and great to know you're getting married. Danny - welcome to the family, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Jess, thank you for being who you are, and congratulations on finding a good man luv stephen
Thursday, 29th August 2002

Name: Rachel Goolden

Message: Hello you "Good-lifers"! Just to wish you a fantastic and wonderful day, and many more to come! It was great getting to know you in Oxford ( remember to sing "Soon I will be done with the troubles of the world"!) and I hope I make it down to see you in your rural ideal SOON! Lots of love and Happy days, Rachelxx p.s.keep watching those good life videos!
Friday, 23rd August 2002

Name: Me

Message: Congratulations Jessie and Danny! As Goethe said: "Whatever you dream you can do, begin it now.Boldness has genious,power and magic in it." (A commitment such as yours is especially relevent I think!) I wish you every happiness together. Love from Me. P.S. Hello to all the Tames out there, whom I haven't seen in years!
Wednesday, 21st August 2002

Name: Claire Telfer

Message: Congratulations Jessie and Danny. Wishing you endless years of happiness together. With much love, Claire.
Tuesday, 20th August 2002

Name: Michael Jones

Message: Congratulations you two. I wish you lots of happiness (I guess as long as you have some of that all the rest will follow...). :-) Michael
Tuesday, 20th August 2002

Name: Wurly, Wiggy and Doug

Message: Dear Mum and Dad, We're so glad you're getting married, as us dogs and cats just need a stable family home. We're all looking forward to the wedding party, and are rather hoping that there will be a tit-bit or two for us, and that them greedy chickens don't get them all. Lots 'n' lots of love Wurly, Wiggy and Doug. P.S: If anyone's missing a shoe at the end of the day, it's probably down the garden, love Wurly
Sunday, 18th August 2002

Name: Robin Owens

Message: Congratulations Jessie & Danny! It must be about 12 years since I last saw you, Jessie - and looking at the photo I must say your looking good! Still recognizable but now with more elegance. It's so exciting - you must be the first I know from the Hereford Waldorf to be marrying. Good luck to you both. I hope you live a long and happy life together. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the big day. Well done Joe too for getting this website together - great idea. Danny - Hope your father-in-law behaves. Love Robin. xx
Saturday, 17th August 2002

Name: Billy Salisbury

Message: I feel so oooooooooold!!!! hehe ;) Happy wedding Jessie and Danny! I wish you all the best and I hope you both live to be old and wrinkly and incontinent in each others wonderful company! Jessie, I cant believe how much you've changed since I last saw you. You look just like your mum! (That's a compliment! Don't hit me!) Danny, never met you, but I'm sure your a lovely bloke. A word of warning: have you met you father in law yet? hehehe! LOL. Have fun kids! (lots of them) Billy.
Friday, 16th August 2002

Name: Lyn (Suzie's Mum)

Message: Good wishes to you both, a long and happy life together, and lots of fuel for the nearest Steiner school please ! (i.e. sprogs !!!!!!!) (And Jessie, if you see any more charity shop trousers you think I'd like ... the lovely yellow ones you bought for me are going to wear out one day !)
Thursday, 15th August 2002

Name: Rachel Maas

Message: CONGRATS GUYS! I can't believe its all happening! I was still in Oxford when Jessie first met Danny and it must have been love at first sight. She was so excited. And it looks like everything has worked out really work for you two. I hope your wedding is just the start of your wonderful future together. Have a fantastic day. Wish I could be there but Oz is just too far away. Much love Rach.
Thursday, 15th August 2002

Name: Vicky Hamilton Ross

Message: Wishing you all the best for the future. I`m sure you`ll get on great as you`re both as mad as a hatter. Vicky
Thursday, 15th August 2002

Name: Joseph Tame

Message: Dear Jessie and Danny, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wishing you all the best, not only for the big day but also for many years to come. It`s all very exciting. I`m standing by with my camera so everyone else around the world can take part. Lots of Love, and see you soon! Joseph
Thursday, 15th August 2002



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